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How To Get Loan From True Balance !

In this post, I will teach you in detail how to apply for loan on true balance so that our loan gets approved and we get the loan. I will also tell you the process till transfer to the bank. So read this post very carefully if you want. If you need money then how to apply for loan, I will tell you everything in this post today because in today's time every person needs emergency money at any time and that Money does not lie in time, so for them I have brought such an application through which they can easily apply for their loan sitting at home through their mobile phone and transfer their money to their bank account mini in a few seconds and this How can he take loan

What Is True Balance !

True Balance is an application through which you can recharge your mobile phone etc. and apart from this, you can withdraw money and transfer it to your account by making referrals. Apart from this, if you want to take a loan through this application. If you have then you people also get to see loan in it. According to your civil score, you are given loan in True Balance app and the more you refer this application in your friends group and WhatsApp group. You people can also earn a lot of money through it, so this is how your True Balance app does it and it also has a very good rating on Google Play Store. If you people see it by going to Google Play Store, then it is liked by many people. Downloaded and kept on your mobile phone and people can also apply for a loan very easily in 5 to 10 minutes, transfer the money to their account and withdraw it.

How To Download True Balance !

To download the True Balance app, first of all you have to go to your Play Store where you have to search True Balance, if you type True Balance and search there, then you will get to see your True Balance app. Now you all have to download it from here and you will have to click on the install button. As soon as you click on it, it starts installing on your mobile phone. And for this, first of all, its original We will have to download the app. I have given its link both in the description of the post and in the comment section. You will come only after clicking on the link, after that we will download it, after that we will open it. When we open it, first of all we will have to give permission, we will see it. Agree and Continue. After that you will have to accept the term, then you will click on it, after that Angry and Continue, after that you will have to allow it three-four times, here you will give permission and if you give permission, then like I tell you, here two Various types of loans are available but now one more feature has been added in which another loan option has been added.

How To Create Account In True Balance App !

If we have to create an account, then first of all we have to open the True Balance app. After opening it, see here, first of all we have to click on I Agree, that is, if I agree, then tick on it, it is ok here. So everything will be fine here, below is OK, after that we will click on Angry and Continue, after that here we have to change the language, after that we have to click on start, then we have to enter our mobile number here. After entering the mobile number, we will click on this arrow, then an OTP will come on our mobile number, then we have to fill the OTP here and then look below, click on the arrow, now we will be asked to create a password, so we will create the password here. The password should be between 8 to 16 carats. After creating the password and entering it, friends, here we have to click on this arrow as usual and after that now the interface of the application will appear in front of us, our account will be created. Already happened

How To Do True Balance KYC Verification !

Let me tell you how to do True Balance KYC verification. See, if you want to take a loan from True Balance app, then you will have to do KYC and you want to do it through a simple application or even then you people need to complete this application KYC. It will say that even if you want to earn money by referring, you will be asked to do KYC. By the way, whether you have downloaded True Balance simply to do it or have downloaded it to take a loan, please do tell us by commenting. If you want to do it, then friends, we will click on Refund here. As soon as we click on Earn Money, we will be shown here Go to KYC, that is, if we want to do the application, then we will have to complete KYC. Let us click on Go to KYC and then here. But we have to put a tick in the box and after that we have to do the process. Now here he has to choose the preferred language. If you understand English well then you can choose Hindi. Here I have chosen English.

Now you people have to enter your PAN number here, OK, we will enter the PAN number and as soon as you enter the PAN number, friends, it will open like this, do not do anything, now here after that we will have to enter the date of birth which is the PAN number. But sorry, if there is date of birth on the PAN card, then you put it here like I have put the date of birth, friends and I will click on profit here, then in the next step we will be asked to enter the Aadhaar number here like I Aadhaar number has been entered here, after this we will proceed. Whatever phone number is linked with Aadhaar, an OTP will be sent to it. We will have to enter that OTP here. OK, after that friends, whatever phone number is linked with Aadhaar card. If that number is ours, we are getting OTP on this number, we have to enter the same number here, after that friends, we have to submit it, as if we submit, it will be shown here, so complete the KYC very easily in this way. You can on True Balance App

How To Take Loan From True Balance !

Look here, like I told you that here you get two types of loans, cash loan and here one is level upload. If you look carefully at one thing here, you will see that 'On KYC' is written in the level of loan, so people think that In this one, KYC is not done, in this also we have to do KYC, but in this also we have to upload the documents. To take a big loan, the process of applying for both will be there, let me show this by applying the loan so that through the documents we can If you want to know how to take a loan then just click on apply now apply now, then you will have to accept its terms and conditions, then put a tick mark on both of them.

After that, agree and continue, after that see here, it is told that within 5 minutes you can take a loan of up to Rs. 1 lakh, but initially you will get only a working loan. If it is an RBI registered NBFC, then you can see everything here, just here the project. If you do this then here you will get the option to select the language, let me do it in English, after that look here, we have to complete three steps, so first of all you will enter your PAN card number here. If you want, you can scan here but scan If you do then it will be uploaded here with 7. If you are married then rate me otherwise single. After that here it will ask us about education. How educated are you, then select whatever level of education you have, it does not matter whether you are educated or not. Even if it is not written, we are not giving any document of this, after that here we are asked that if you live here, then if you work somewhere, then if you are not a salaried person, then if you are a student, then you are self-employed. So students can also select whether you do regular job or part time job, then here I will select regular employee.

After that, here we are asked that for how long have you been working, 1 years, 1 to 2 years, select the time for which you have been working, then enter the name of the company in which you work. After searching, next after that you have to tell the industry type, what type of company is the company in which you work, if the loan for which I am applying comes in textile, then select textile here, after that click here. We have to tell you about the job, what kind of job you have, whether you are a manager, a professional, a shop owner, that is, whatever you are, you will select here, if your option is not available here, you will select worker or other, after that contact us here. When asked about monthly income, whatever your monthly income is, we will add it here. I select the bank. If you submit these details, then see here. Our loan will go into processing. If you have to wait for some time, then we will be informed here. How much loan will you get from here, if it takes more time then click on Notify Me here, then when your loan will be approved within the given time, you will be informed through message that

How much loan has been approved for you, so let me click on notify here and if you click on it, then you will see the cash loan in progress. Here we are told that now you will have to wait for some time. Let me wait, open this application, see here our limit has been activated and the limit is only Rs 5000, so initially you will get only a limited loan amount of ₹ 25000, this is what you will get when you return it at the right time. If you give, next time you will get more limit, then here the loan of Rs. 5000 has been approved, so if you want to take this loan, then click on C details here, after that here we will have to upload a selfie, here our loan has been approved. If yes, then just accept the term and condition here and click on Take a Selfie and upload a selfie here, after that see all the details of our loan here and all the repayment schedule will also come here. Got a loan of Rs 5000. So to take this loan only for six months, both the terms and conditions will be accepted.

Here you will see all the details of the loan, when and on what date our loan has to be repaired. To take this loan, we will click on Accept This Offer, after that here we will get the option to add a bank account, in any bank. If you want to take it then see here whatever name is on your Aadhar card, that name will come automatically, enter the account number here, enter the IFSC code, after that click on receive money, first by crediting ₹ 1 in your bank, it will be checked that your Check here whether the bank is active or not. Our loan is in progress. Your money transfer please wait. Here it is told that you have to wait for some time. Your money will be credited to your bank within some time. Now here But if you wait for one to one and a half minutes, you will see the message of consolidation here, your loan is just successful, here the loan has been successfully credited to our bank.

True Balance Document Requirement !

Necessary documents are required to take loan from True Balance app. First of all, let me tell you that to take loan from True Balance, first of all, it is necessary for you to have both your PAN card and Aadhar card. If you do not have both these things, then you cannot take loan from True Balance. Apart from this, you should have the name and address in your PAN card and Aadhar card, that is, you should have the same address. Apart from this, you should have the same address. You should have a bank account and you should be working in a company where you work, what is your job income and you should have bank statements of 3 months of your job and your age should be above 18. You should be between 50 years of age and apart from this, you should have your own house etc. only then you will be given loan if you have true balance.


So friends, let me tell you in this post how you can easily take a loan from Rs 5000 to Rs 100000 sitting at your home through your True Balance app, all this on your civil score. It depends, so friends, if you liked the post then share this post as much as possible and stay connected with our blogger page to read loan related posts on The Blogger. That was all in this post. See you in the next one. good bye for

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