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PMEGP loan Kaise Apply Kare 

The most popular scheme among the schemes run by the government is PMEGP LOAN. You can take a loan up to Rs 50 lakh from here. Basically, it is run for the unemployed youth. If you do not have any employment, then you can take a loan from here. You can do business along with it. If you are a student then you can continue your studies by taking a loan from here. Although loans are available in 6 categories, but mostly people take loans for doing business or for studies only. So read this post. I will teach you in full detail how the PM applies for a loan on BJP and in how many days does this money come to our bank. Also, friends, when you apply for a loan for the first time or anyone applies for a loan. There is some question in their mind whether we should apply for this loan ourselves or go to the center under the government scheme in our locality and apply. Apart from this, what is the age limit and what are the documents required? And the biggest thing is that in how many days the money will come to our bank, I will tell you the process of this, you will apply but you should also know how much time is available for it, in how many days the repayment has to be done, what is the interest rate if we take a loan. What if you haven't already, then you will get the answers to all these questions in this post.

PMEGP Loan Document Requirement

I am just going to tell you that if you want to apply online, if you are going to apply then what documents will you need to upload online? The documents that you will have to upload are your latest passport size photo. It should be clear and it should not happen that you are uploading 6 months old photo, it is fine and upload it after that, after this there is another document which you will have to upload, after setting your qualification, whatever is your highest qualification. You will have to submit the certificate here, after this the third document is to upload the file of your project. You will have to prepare a project report for the work for which you want to take the loan. You will have to see everything in the report that how much you will get. Do you need a loan? For what purpose do you need a loan? What items will you buy? Who will the cast come? You will have to ask everything. Apart from this, how will you become a businessman? You will have to make a complete project file. Okay, it is important for you to keep the documents with yourself. Without these. You can't get a loan

How To Get PMEGP Loan Subsidy

The biggest benefit of taking a loan is the subsidy, who will get the subsidy, how much will we get, whether we will get it or not, not everyone gets such subsidy, so here too it has been divided according to categories so that here almost everyone gets the subsidy. And the percentage is different, like if you live in urban areas i.e. in the city and you fall in general category, then all of you will get 15% here and if you people are from SC, ST, OBC minority. Or if you are transgender or physically handicapped, then all of you get 25% subsidy here. If you live in a village, then all of you will get 25%. Those who come here in minority, they get 35% subsidy. 35% will be available here. General people are getting it. OBC SC ST people are coming here. They are getting maximum subsidy here. SC ST Minority is the one who is going to get subsidy here.

How To Take PMEGP Loan 

Many times people ask us for money for taking government scheme, if you do not want to give the money then you can read this notification, after that they will cut it and will cut it, then see here it is told that loan is given to 6 categories of people like I told you in the beginning itself, okay if you scroll down after this then there is something revolutionary here, do you want a loan for education purpose or do you want a loan for farming purpose or do you want to take a loan for infrastructure purpose or do you want to If you are doing business, then here you will choose your category under which you want to take loan, then here most of the people apply loan for business or education purpose, okay just click on check eligibility here, now click on it. If you do then here we will just ask what kind of business you do or are going to do, okay then some options are given here if you do not understand this.

If you click on 'Suggest' here, then it will ask us whether the business you are doing is a new business or you are already doing this business and you need more money to expand this business. So let's say that If it is a new business then we will do news about it, after that here we will be asked about education, how educated are you, here you should only have passed 8th class to take this loan, then you will select your education, after that here it will be asked whether you have done EDP training or not. For this, EDP training is given by the government in which all the rules of grouping the business and doing business are explained. Okay, now when new people do business, many times the business gets blocked, but when they take the training. If you do it after taking training, then it is possible that you may be successful and the best thing is that you do not have to pay any money for this, but if you take DP training, you will also get ₹ 500 for your birthday, it is not like that. I am a man with a wife and children, so if I go for training, what will my wife and children say? 

Many times we get presented with this question. So, if you take training, you will get ₹ 500 per day and when the DP completes the training, You also get its certificate, okay, so after that, if you are asked here whether you do business or you do it alone or do you have a team, then if you do it alone, then Hindu Visual or not Individual will be selected, after that here But we are asked how much floating loan we want to take, so let's say if I apply for a loan of Rs 40 lakh here, then we will add Rs 40 lakh here, after that here we will be asked how much money you already have. But whenever you apply for a loan and you add 10% of the money, then here you will tell how much money you have, then you will add whatever money you have here, then look here, it is told that we How much loan is needed, then see here it is told that you need a loan up to Rs 30 lakh, which you will get, then fill all these things here, after that click on Calculate Eligibility here, now like click on it. If you do then see the confirmation message here that you are eligible for business loan. Here two types of loans have been approved for me. Initially I had applied for a loan of Rs 40 lakh but it was not approved for me. It is being said that Reduce the loan amount, it is up to the state, I come from a village in Uttar Pradesh.

So that's why I am being given a small loan in the beginning. Here, now you have to see which loan you want to take, I want this one, I will click on this and if I want PM AGP, I will click on this. Let me click on this. Now when you click on it, you will enter your mobile number here, you will need this cap, you will put it here, after that you will accept the term and condition, a 6 digit OTP will come on your number, you will enter the OTP in it, the mobile number will be successfully verified. After this, you will have to verify the Gmail ID, then enter your Gmail ID here, after that click on Verify Gmail by OTP, enter the OTP and verify, if you do not have a Gmail ID, then click on Escape here. 

Let me escape it. After this you will again come to this page, there are two loans here, then you will come to PM AGP one, after that the option of process will appear here, you will click on the project, if you do the process then whatever details you have filled here, all the details will be here. But it will appear, scroll through it and check it, after that click on profit, after that you will have to confirm it again, repeat the process. As soon as you click on the project, you will be red edited on the PMEGP portal which is its official website. Now here. If you come here then you will scroll down and see here an option will appear - Application for New Unit. You will click on it. If you click on it, then see here a form will appear in front of us. We will have to fill this form, okay this. Look at the form once, in complete detail, whatever is asked here has to be filled correctly, in this way you can apply for your loan.

PMEGP LOAN Interest Rate

Talking about the interest rate, the interest charged is quite low, so it is on different loans, sometimes it is 2%, sometimes it is 3:30%, sometimes it is even 5%, then only when you apply, it will be known that you What interest rate is charged on

How Many Days Does PMEGP Loan Money Take To Reach The Bank?

After that, let's talk about how many days does it take for this money to arrive in our bank. So friends, it takes at least 20 to 25 days for the loan money to arrive. Do you know how much time it takes to check it in government work? If you were a government employee, then it would take 20 to 25 days for the money to come here, you have to follow your mind, you have to follow it for a month, it will take you a month, only then this money will come in your bank, so friends, here are some questions which I have answered, if you have it in your mind. If you have any other question then you can ask me by commenting.


So friends, by following all the tricks and methods that I have told you in this post, you can easily get your PHP loan sitting at home or by going to any cyber cafe or service cafe. You can apply and the best thing is that you do not need to pay any ₹ 1 while applying for this loan. Come on friends, if you liked the post then share this post with your friends as much as possible. See you in the next post till then

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