mPokket Se Kaise Loan Le | How To Get Loan In mPokket

How To Get Loan In mPokket 

Friends, in this post we will learn how to apply for loan on M Pocket and how to take this page to your bank. If you need money and if there is any emergency then you can apply for loan on M Pocket and The best thing about M-Pocket is that it does not require any income proof. If you are a student, you can take a loan even if you do not have any job. M-Pocket is especially for students, so if you Whenever there is an emergency, you can take a loan from here. Just keep one thing in mind that you will not get much loan amount here. If you need ₹ 5000, 10000, ₹ 20000, then you can take an easy loan on this and loan on minimum documents. If you can take it, then in this video I will teach you in a completely new process in the latest process, how to apply for a loan and how to take it in the bank.

What is mPokket

M Pocket is a wallet in which you can add your money, recharge your mobile, recharge your phone or transfer money to someone else, inside it you get to see many other things which you can You can control it through your mobile phone application and you can track all your activities sitting at your home. So M Pocket app is very good. This application also provides loans to students. This means that you people also get a loan under this. If you want to take a loan under this, then you can easily take the loan also.

How To Download mPokket App

So friends, if you people want to download the M Pocket app on your mobile phone, then I will tell you how to download it, so to download it you do not have to do anything, you just simply play it. Open the App Store or any app store which will be installed on your mobile phone, after that what you all have to do is to search there by writing 'M Pocket'. Like if you search by writing 'M Pocket' then this application will be available on your Play Store. It will be downloaded and below which you can see the install button. Now you have to click on the install button and it starts downloading on your mobile phone. In this way you can install it on your mobile phone. You will be able to do it easily by downloading and installing

How To Create Account In mPokket App

In this application, if you people want to create your account, then what you people have to do is to create an account in it, first of all you have to simply download it from Play Store or App Store, after downloading you people have to do it in your You have to install it on your mobile phone. After installation, what should you do now? Open it on your mobile phone. If you open it, after opening it, you will see the option to sign up inside it. You can create your account using both mobile number and Gmail ID, like you will fit your mobile number inside it and when you click on the people button on sign up, then the six digit OTP code which is your number. Now you have to verify your OTP by entering their OTP and after that your account is created inside it. In this way, you people can create your account inside it very easily and simply. can

How To Do KYC In mpoKket App

First of all, we will click on KYC verification. Now as we click on it, here we will have to give the details of our PAN card and Aadhar card, then here you will enter your PAN card number. If the PAN card is correct then green tick will be put, after that KYC document. If you have Aadhaar card, here you will enter your Aadhaar card number. If you click on Verify OTP, then whatever number is linked with your Aadhaar card, an OTP will come on it. If you enter the OTP and submit, Aadhaar will be verified, after that you will be here. You will upload the photo of the front side of your Aadhar card and here the back side, after that submit, after that we will come to personal information, after that here you can enter your first name here, middle name here, last name here if you do not have any middle name. So you have to leave it blank, after that here you will select gender, here you will tell date of birth, medical status, if married, if not married, then single, here I will select merit, after that in highest qualification, you will tell how educated you are. In this way your KYC process gets completed.

mPokket Important Documents 

If you are going to take a loan from M-Pocket app, then first of all let me tell you that to apply for the loan, you also need some important documents which I will provide to you here. I am telling you what are the things that you should have in your important documents. First of all, you should have your PAN card and then second comes our Aadhar card and apart from this, your voter ID and you people who should be citizens of India and you people. You should have your pack statement of 3 months and your salary slip of 3 months from the place where you work and apart from this, you should have your own business whose income should be at least ₹ 10 to ₹ 20000. If all these documents are complete then you get the loan through Hundred Percent M Pocket App.

How to apply For Loan Through Mpokket App

So friends, let us talk about how you people have to apply for loan from M-Pocket app, then what you people have to do to apply for loan, first of all you people should complete your KYC, after completing KYC, now you People get to see some options here, which you people have to fill there, you have to fill your Aadhar Card, PAN Card Number, everything, after that, what do you people have to do here? You get to see an option here, whatever documents will be asked from you, you have to fill them here, after that you have to upload a selfie, here we have to upload a selfie video, so here You will upload a selfie of yours, after that submit, now as soon as you submit, we will have to give permission again for SMS and apps, so just click on Agree here and give permission to it and once you give permission to it, it will take some time to process. After that see here successfully our limit has been activated see here Initially we were told that here you can get a limit of up to Rs 20000 but here for me I have got a limit of Rs 14500 which means I can apply for the loan. For them, it depends on your PAN card, it depends on your civil score, it is possible that if you apply in this then the limit can be higher and some can also get work from it, maximum up to Rs 45000 here. If you get the limit, then here you have got the limit of Rs. 14500, so now you have to see how much money you want to take from it, then here it will ask us that you can apply for your loan as per your wish.


So friends, in this post I have told you everything in detail about how you can apply for a loan using mPocket app and what are the documents required for it. And still, if you people face any kind of problem then you can tell me by commenting in my comment section, I will fix all your problems from here and apply for your loan, so let's do this. See you this much in the post, till then good bye in the next post.

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