What Is True Balance App ? | How To Take Loan From True Balance App ?

What is True Balance App ? | How to take loan from True Balance App ?

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope all of you will be very good, so today we are going to talk about another loan application, whose name is True Balance application, today we are going to tell you that you are going to use this application. How can you take a loan by using it and what is this application, if we talk about this application, then it is an android mobile application which you can download very easily and take a personal loan. Come friends, let me tell you how to download this application and how you can take a loan by using this application, so let's start with another new post named True Balance Application.

How To Download True Balance App ?

To download the True Balance application, first of all, you have to open the Play Store in your mobile phone, after opening it, search the True Balance application by typing the search bar of your Play Store, after doing true the application will appear in front of you. After it is exposed, you have to touch on this application, after touching you see a stall there, now you have to download this application by touching on it, after downloading you have to install it in your mobile phone. After installing, you have to open this application, after opening you have to sign up or login this application, after that you get an OTP which goes to your mobile number or your email id by entering me After you login, it asks you to create a password, you have to create a password for your app, after that your account is created.

Documents needed to take True Balance Personal Loan ? 

To take a loan in True Balance application, you need some important documents such as your identity card, Aadhar card, residence certificate, electricity bill, gas bill, PAN card and bank statement and if you have your bank statement. There is no statement, you can also give the photo state of your passbook transactions for the last 6 months.

True balance Personal Loan Eligibility Criterea ?

To take a loan from True Balance application, your eligibility is very important and first of all you must be a citizen of India and you must have your monthly income less than Rs 15000 and the age of the person taking the loan is 18 to 45. Should be around the year if you are not a resident of India then you will not get loan on True Balance application.

How to take True Balance Loan ?

If you also want to take personal loan from True Balance application, then it is very important to take care of some things, first you have to download this application, after downloading you have to sign up your account After signing up It speaks to register your mobile number, after registering you get an OTP, after entering the OTP code, you have to click on the Next button and thus your Two Balance account is created as your True Balance account is created. You will see two types of loans in your dashboard.

1.Cash Loan

2. Level-Up Loan

1.Cash Loan In this loan, you get a personal loan up to a maximum limit of Rs 50000, in which your interest rate ranges from 5 to 12.9% and you have a TENure for 3 to 6 months. 2. Level-Up Loan In this loan, the maximum limit of your loan is only up to 15 thousand. In this personal loan, you get 5% interest rate and its tenure is 62 days, in this you get the loan only according to the label. Loan level 1 starts from Rs.1000

How to do KYC in True Balance App ?

After that, to take these two loans, you also have to first complete the KYC, for which you have to enter your PAN card and click on the process option and then enter the mobile number linked to your Aadhar card. And then it is also necessary to get the mobile number verified by entering the OTP, thus your KYC is verified. You have to select both the tenure and then click on the next button, after that you are asked to fill some of your basic details like whether you are single or married or divorced, how much have you studied and you live alone. Be it or with family some such details are taken from you and then you are asked about your job whether you are salary employee or yourself employee or student and then you are asked your company name and month amount and salary released After all this process, you can choose the date of application. The sessions will go into review and as soon as your loan is sanctioned you will be sent a notification and further processing is done through the True Balance application.

How much loan can I take with True Balance App ?

If you talk about getting a loan from True Balance application, then friend, I would like to tell you that from here you can be given a loan of only 1000 to 50000 rupees. Loan is also available very easily. If you need more or less personal loan then you can easily take personal loan with True Balance application.

What is True Balance App Interest rate ?

In True Balance Application, if we talk about interest, how much interest is charged in it, then I would like to tell you that if we take a loan from any bank or challan, then some interest is definitely charged on that loan and if we take a personal loan interest rate. Talking about, banks or financial institutions may charge 12 to 17 percent interest or even more.

For how many days True Balance gives loan ?

The loan given to you in the True Balance application has a tenure of 62 days to 180 days, which means that if you take a loan in the True Balance application, then you have to return this loan in 62 days and its maximum time is 180 days. It happens that in so many days you can return both of them within the normal time period, you will find it easy to repay this loan, otherwise you may have to face difficulties later. After taking True Balance loan, you can use it for your personal expenses and can also fulfill the needs of your home, you can also use it in marriage etc. You can also use it in my loan and you can also use True Balance loan for your medical.


So my dear friends, I hope that after reading this post of mine, you must have understood that how you can take loan in True Balance application and how can you use it at which place you can use it within how many days? You can return and fulfill your needs, after reading this post of mine, you people must have understood how KYC is done in it and then how to take loan, if you like this post of ours, then our post Share as much as possible and always stay connected with our blogger page to read our new posts and share our upcoming posts on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. so that someone can benefit from your shared post. If it happens, friends, we end today's post here and meet you in the post, till then all of you guys stay at home stay safe and keep reading our post thank you.

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