How To Get Personal Loan In Axis Bank | Axis Bank Mein Personal Loan Kaise Le

How To Get Personal Loan In Axis Bank

Friends, in this post we will learn how to apply for Axis Bank Personal Loan and how to transfer the money to the bank. Friends, if you need money then you can apply for Axis Bank Personal Loan. This is for both salaried individuals and self-employed. And the best thing is that to apply for Axis Bank personal loan, even if you do not have an Axis Bank account, you can still apply for the loan. You can apply for a loan here from Rs 50000 to Rs 25 lakh, so there is a lot of change in this now. If it has happened, then I will teach you the latest process on how to apply for the loan.

What Is Axis Bank Personal Loan

Personal Loan of Axis Bank Forget about what is a personal loan, what is a secured loan and what is an unsecured loan, apart from this, what is flat rate interest and what is reducing rate interest? Come on, I am taking a loan, can I do 4 closures in it or not? Apart from this, let us first look at the Axis Bank calculator, I will show it to you live in the calculator. Suppose, I take a personal loan of Rs 5 lakh. I take a personal loan of Rs 2 lakh. Let's see by taking 24 different cases. How much EMI will I make in EMI? How much of my money will go towards paying the interest? How much of my money will go towards paying the principal? How much is the rate of interest. There are many questions. We will consider the personal loan first. Understand what happens, after that we will comfortably see in the end how you should apply for a personal loan in Axis Bank or not.

How Many Types Of Personal Loans

First of all, if I talk about personal loan, then it is important for us to understand that there are two types of loans, first is our secured loan and second are our secured loans. Now here it is clear from the name itself Sikar means I am someone or the other. If I talk about the example of security deposited with the bank, our home loan comes, our car loan comes, our gold loan comes, see what does it mean, if you know, I take a home loan from the bank, I have taken a home loan of Rs 50 lakh from the bank. Home Loan from Se A time comes when the customer is not able to pay the EMI of the bank, then the bank has a security, that is, the papers of your house are lying with the bank as long as the papers are lying and the resistance is lying there. Till the time you do not return the entire amount to the bank, if you stop paying the bank installment midway, then what will the bank do? Come on, vacate the house, the bank will option this house and will also tax its money, that is, the bank has a safety. If you do not pay the money, if you do not pay the money along with the interest, then what will the bank do? There is security in it, brother customer of the bank, if you do not pay the money to me, then I will send whatever asset you have and whatever is lying with me. and recover my money

2. But if I talk about unsecured loan on the other hand, then its best example is your personal loan, your credit card. Now see for yourself, when we take a personal loan, do we pledge anything with the bank? Nothing is mortgaged. By trusting us with our salary slips or by verifying our CIBIL score, we get a loan. Now whether the loan is of ₹ 100000 or that loan like Axis Bank gives a maximum loan of 40 lakh rupees depending on your CIBIL score and Your salary can be up to lakhs of rupees. If Axis Bank is giving a personal loan then it is also an unsecured loan in which you do not have to pledge any gold or any house documents, only on your civil score, only on your salary. By relying on the above, any bank personal loan from Axis Bank is available to you.

Axis Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

First of all, to take a personal loan, your age should be between 21 to 60 years. Both salaried persons and self-employed people can take personal loan from Axis Bank. Along with this, your CIBIL score should also be good or for any reason. If your CIBIL score is less than 1000 then you will not get a personal loan from Axis Bank, apart from this your monthly account should be at least Rs 15000, after this you should also have a valid bank account. of document

Documents Required To Take Axis Bank Personal Loan

To take a personal loan, first of all you need to know the address which includes the details of any one document like your PAN card, passport, driving license, voter card, Aadhar card. To take a personal loan, first of all you need to have an address proof which includes your card, driving license, passport, rent agreement or any kind of utility bill, like water bill, phone bill or electricity bill older than 3 months. Should not happen. To take a loan, you can give it for the third time. For a personal loan, you will have to give income margin. If you do a job, then here you can give the details of 3 months or you can give a copy of the bank account for 3 months where your value is. If you have credit, then you can give a copy of the income tax return, apart from this you will have to give three to four recent passport size photographs, so friends, if you have all these documents then you can get a personal loan of minimum Rs 50000 and maximum Rs 40 lakh from Axis Bank. can take loan

How To Take Personal Loan In Axis Bank

How can you apply for personal loan? So friends, if you want to apply for personal loan from Axis Bank online and online, then you will have to give a link in the disc of this video. Click on the link, then you will go to the official page of Axis Bank and see it here, you can apply for personal loan online by filling all the details required here. When you go to Axis Bank employee, you will have to tell that you want to take a personal loan, after this, check your documents and eligibility criteria in the bank employee and give complete information about the loan and what percentage of interest you have to pay on this loan. Up to how much loan you will get, all this information will be told to you by the employee. If you want to take it, all these documents will be verified by the bank employee, after this your civil score will also be checked, within 7 to 15 days your loan money will be deposited by the bank.


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Axis Bank Fees And Charges On Personal Loan

After taking Axis Bank Personal Loan, what charges will you have to pay? First of all, check the interest rate. If there is any, then to know the recent interest rate, you will have to visit the official website of Axis Bank. Now let's talk about the charges. So while applying for the loan, you have to pay a fixed amount which is approximately between 1% to 2% of the loan amount. It may happen that you also have a WhatsApp, apart from this there are many other types of charges involved, Such as stamp duty charge, loan for climber charge, late bolt charge, whenever you apply for the loan, you will get the list of these charges, so friends, hope you will know after taking time which charges have been imposed.


So friends, hopefully you will know how you can take a personal loan from Axis Bank. Thank you very much, if you guys get any kind of facility while taking personal loan from Axis Bank then please let me know in the comment section, I will fix whatever I quote you and will let you know. If you do not need any material, then this was all in this post, till then do not post anything else, good bye.

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