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Hello friends, how are you all, I hope that all of you will be good and healthy, so friends, today we are going to talk about a fantasy application through which you can earn a lot of money by playing many games, then friends, the name of that application What I would like to tell you is the name of that application is Vision11, through which you can create your cricket team and get a chance to win crores of rupees and get a chance to meet big cricket stars, so let's go to this Talking about this in the post, how you guys can win crores of rupees prize by making a team on vision11, so let's start with another new post and friends, you guys like this post You will have to read from beginning to end, only then you will understand what I have told you in this post.

What Is Vision 11 App ?

So friends, if you people also use the Vision11 application and you do not know how to use it and what future you will get to see inside it, then I will tell you in full detail. I am going to tell you that Vision11 is a fantasy application, on which you can win crores of rupees very easily by making your own team, that too by taking any match to the winning zone, to win it, first of all you need 22 players. Out of this, a team of 11 players has to be made and apart from this, if your team comes to the first rank and then you can get a chance to win 10000000 rupees and this app is very easy to use, in that you People do not need to apply much mind, just you people have to make your good team great, bring it in the first time, as if your team comes in the first time, then you can also give crores of rupees to Vision11, that too sitting at home

How To Download Vision 11 App ?

So friends, if you people also want to download Vision11 inside your mobile phone, then you can download it in two ways, the first method is by going to the Play Store, as you do with Sunny Lively, then you people gets to see Vision11 there, if many times what happens to you people that you do not get to see it on your playstore, then you people have to go inside your Google Chrome browser and go there and search by writing Vision11 To do like you people also search by writing in not going, then you people get to see its official website there, going inside which you can easily download it from there, then from the top of your mobile phone Can install, only after making this call, you can open people on your phone, cut your team and enjoy it easily.

How To Create Account In Vision 11 App ?

Inside the Vision11 app, as soon as you download it, you open it after downloading, then after opening you get to see some kind of interface in front of you, inside which you have to enter your mobile number. You have to login by entering it, you people login here by writing your mobile number, then after login, an OTP goes to your mobile number and you people have to feel the OTP inside your mobile number and after that you People are asked for the address of Jai email ID, in which you have to enter the email ID address, after doing all this, your Vision11 account is created very easily and you can download it on your mobile. By opening the top of the phone, you can put your payment etc. in it.

How To Create Team Inside Vision 11 App ?

So friends, first of all, before opening your Vision11 application, you have to download it inside your mobile, after that what you have to do after downloading, open it on your mobile phone and install it. After doing all this, now you people have to create your account in it, after creating the account, you people get to see some contests inside your application, in which you can also see the entry. Now you can join any contact you want and enter inside it. After entering, what do you have to do? You get to see the entire 22 players here, out of those 22 players, Jai You have to suck the team of your 11 players, if you want, you can choose half of the players for which team and half of the playlist, in this way you can operate your team and make three colors according to your choice. And stand a chance to win crores of rupees.

How Do You Get Points In Vision 11 ?

Vision11 What is inside you, we get to see the points in different ways, like we have created our team, after creating the team, we also get to see the option of making captain and vice captain there. Now if we make someone a captain then we get double the points and if we make someone a vice captain then we get one and a half times the points where we get to see this is how we get our points here And whose player plays better, he gets more points and he comes into the bank, and if a player has not been made captain marvel captain by you guys, he goes and hits one run, then he gets one run from you. No one gets to see cake points and if a guy hits a four here you guys get to see his 5 points, if he hits a six he gets 8 points and if he is a captain you guys get to see 16 points Will meet and if he is this captain then you get to see 12 points, in this way you people get to see the system of points inside it and you can win your points by making your team like this.

Features Of  Vision 11 App ?

Vision11 App provides many such features that make it different from other fantasy apps.

  1. In this, you can participate in the contest at just Re.1 entry fee.
  2. You can play game with live cricket match by making block of 5 overs.
  3. You can play Second Inning fantasy.
  4. Can play Batting and Bowling contest.
  5. You can play Reverse Fantasy by selecting 11 worst performing players of the match.
  6. Only people above 18 age group can earn money by playing fantasy games in Vision11 App.
  7. You can also earn money by referring this app with your friends.

How To Add Bank Account In Vision11 app ?

Vision11 To add your bank account, you people need two documents, the first document that you have is your email ID. If you put it inside, then an OTP goes to your email ID, which you have to verify by putting it in the OPTION with your email ID, after that you people have to fill your mobile number inside it and verify it too. After doing all this, now you people have to put PAN card and Aadhaar card in it, after putting PAN card and Aadhaar card, whatever you have is verified, it takes five to 10 minutes for you to get verified like Your PAN card and Aadhaar card gets verified here, then immediately after that you are asked for your bank account, then you add your bank account inside it, so that you have any company's name. The branch should have a bank account here, you can add your bank account to it.

Vision 11 How to Add Money Inside You ?

How to add inside Vision11 app, first of all you people have to do its KYC, to do KYC you people need documents like PAN card, Aadhaar card, first of all you people have to complete KYC KYC After completing, you people turn on the add gas option here and then after that you can put as much amount as you want in your Paytm wallet or from your Bhim UPI in your Vision XI wallet. You can add on this way you can play your fantasy cricket by adding your money to it and enjoy it.


So friends, the trick and method that I have told you, you have to follow them step by step, and in the same way, you people who can current your account inside your Vision 11a application, can add account to payment bank. You can add an account and apart from this, you can also do your address in the same way, which I have told you in full detail inside this post, so if you like the post, then share it as much as possible and like our blogger page as much as possible. If you show more love then see you in the next post till then friends good bye

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