My 11 Circle Team Kaise Banaye | How To Create My 11 Circle Team | My 11 Circle Team Create 2023

My 11 Circle Team Kaise Banaye | How To Create My 11 Circle Team

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope that all of you will be good and healthy, so friends, today we are going to talk about a fantasy application through which you can earn a lot of money by playing many games, then friends, the name of that application What I would like to tell you is the name of the application is my11circle, through which you can create your cricket team and get a chance to win crores of rupees and get a chance to meet big cricket stars, so let's go to this Talking about this in the post, how can you win the prize of crores of rupees by forming a team on my11circle, so let's start with another new post.

What is My11 Circle App 2023

My11circle app is a fantasy application in which you can earn lakhs of crores of rupees by making your own cricket team and bringing your feet to a good rank and in a few minutes you can become a millionaire sitting at home, so if you too my11circle If you want to know about the app, then you people have to read this whole article Jai and I am going to tell you in full detail that how you can make your cricket team in my11circle and bring it to the top rank. Can and how you can win a prize of crores of rupees and how you people have to create your account inside it and how you people have to download from where so let's start.

How To Download My11 Circle App

There are two options in front of you to download the My11circle app, how can you download it from your Play Store or you can download it from its official website by going to the Chrome browser, if you want from Chrome If you download from the browser, from its official website, then you do not have to give any kind of Aadhaar verification in it and if you download it from the Play Store, then you people have to give verification in it, you have to verify your ID and download it. To do this, you people have to go to your play store and search by writing my11circle, as if you search by writing my11, then what is in front of you here, your my11circle application comes in front of you and you people will find the stalls here. You get to see the key button, you have to type on this stall key button, after typing what is inside your mobile phone, it starts downloading, in this way it gets downloaded on your mobile phone. very easily.

How To Create Account Inside My11 Circle

So friends, if you people also want to create your own account inside my11circle, then I would like to tell you that what you have to do to create an account on top of your my11circle account, first of all download it from your play store. Take it or you have to download it by going to its official website, after doing all this, friends, now open it here in front of you guys, after opening it, you get to see the registered mobile number by entering your mobile number. In which to register, after doing all this, an OTP is sent to your mobile number, as if OTP comes on your mobile number, then you should type it on TV and copy the support EP from here Under the mobile number, which you see verification, DP verification, inside that you people put your OTP number, it becomes ready inside the account, you can easily use it on yourself and without your team

How To Do KYC Inside My11 Circle App

So friends, like you people download on your mobile phone, then only after downloading, you have to create your first account in it and after creating the account, it tells you only for live. Like you people go to the team here, then to do KYC, you have to give your own Aadhaar verification or your PAN card verification, that is, if you want, you can verify by putting your Aadhaar card in it. Or you people can also verify it using your PAN card inside it, you can complete your KYC inside your my11circle app by using both the term and condition, inside it you people first have to enter your email ID has to be entered, after entering the mail ID, your email ID gets verified and immediately after coming to you, your email ID gets verified, in the same way your people's gets completed.

How To Make Team In My11 Circle App

If you people also want to create your team on My11circle, then first of all you people go here, you have to join some or the other contest, you get to see a lot of contacts here, out of which you have to participate in a contest. Whoever has to join here, after joining, you people select your main player from all the players of any team whose match is being held here, which you think is the player. If you are going to perform well today, then you people need 11 players to make a team, and to take these 11 players, the entire 22 players who come in front of you, these 22 players Messi means two teams in front of you. It happens that in the playoffs of both the teams, you can give more players or complaints to the team you want, in which you feel that it will perform more than the other team, you can parade your team according to your wish and While creating the team, you have to keep one more thing in mind that it is necessary for you to make your captain and vice-captain as well, because in this the points you get for the captain are double. Let's meet and in the one who is your voice captain, you people get to see a few less points, then only because of these, she goes into your pair and if you play captain and voice captain well, then you guys are crores. Rupees can live very easily.

How Many Points Do You Get For Creating a Team In My11 Circle

So friends, when you guys go to motivate your team on my11circle, then you are credited with full 100 points, that is, you guys have to prepare your fantasy team within these 100 points. It happens that within these 100 points, you people get to see your players, some players you get to see around 9 points 5, some players you get to see around 8 points 5, in this way you people get to see your You get to see the players of the team, that is, you have to set your 11 players, in this way you have to set your 11 players within these points and Only through these points you can get a good ranking by connecting your team, in this way you people get your points above the Jai Mai Lagan circle.

How To Get Points In My11 Circle

So friends, if we talk about how our team gets points inside my11circle, then I would like to tell you that how our team gets points if our player hits four runs i.e. K hits a four then we get to see 5 points where we are and if our player who hits a six then we get to see 8 points of our player. If it is made then we will see 16 points instead of 8 points because our captain gives us double points and if instead of this our point hits a four i.e. our player hits a four then we get 10 points here. It is seen that in this way our team gets points and if we talk about my vice captain that if our vice captain hits a four or a six, then we get to see 7 points according to the post and if he hits a six, then We get to see points like 14 points, 15 points, around 13 points today, and whoever's team performs better, that one goes and his team can get a chance to win up to crores of rupees.

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In Which States is My11 Circle Banned

So friends, let's talk that in which states my11circle is sister, then I would like to tell you that my11circle is sister here in many states and now I would like to tell you that it is mostly Assam Bihar Telangana like this In the states which have this ban here and many more states within which this ban has happened, then if you people are also from these states, then you people will not be able to play your game on my11circle application and you will have to pay for this. it's useless to be confused


Many times while playing my11circle, you may lose your amount or money or even loss, so you guys who play it at your own risk because inside it you can see a lot of risk and many more things. So if you guys also play your my11circle then play at your own risk


So friends, inside this post, I have told you in full detail that how you can get a chance to win crores of rupees by teaming your my11circle application through your mobile phone and how you can put your You can create an account and how can you do its KYC, so if you have liked this post, then share it as much as you can, till then good bye in the next post.


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