What Is My Money APP ? | How To Take Loan From My Money APP 2024

What is My Money App ? How to take loan from My Money app ?

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope that all of you have become very good and healthy, so friends today again we have brought a new post for you and in this post we are going to tell you how to take a personal loan. So let's start with another new post, friends, in today's era, every person needs money and without money we cannot do anything and neither we can live a good life nor can our children be high. We can provide education, if we want to do everything well, it is also very important to fulfill our responsibilities well. Neither will you be able to educate your children in good schools nor can you take them to a good society, so today we are going to tell you about an application that gives you an emergency loan and with the help of this application you can If you feel that you need money then you can take loan through this application at very low interest rates. The name of the country is My Money app. By using this app you can take loan and for this you do not even need to pay any more interest, this app provides loan to you at less home.

How to Download My Money App ?

My Money app is a mobile application which we can easily download from play store, to download this application, we first have to go to our play store, after going to play store, you have to open the search bar. After closing the bar, you have to search by typing My Money app. After installing, you have to open it, in this way My Money app is downloaded in your mobile phone.

How to login to My Money ? Or how to create an account ?

After downloading the My Money app, you have to open this app in your mobile phone. After entering that number, you are asked to enter the referral code, after entering the code, you have to click on Jet OTP, after that OTP is sent to your mobile number, after the OTP comes, you have to login by entering that OTP. In this way your account in My Money app gets ready.

When was My Money app launched ?

So friends if we talk about when this app was launched on play store then My Money app has been launched on play store in January 2021 itself My Money Loan app is a very good mobile app giving personal loan which We provide loan easily all over India country till more than 25000 people have applied for loan from this application and they also got loan with the help of this app. My Money app is registered application by NBFC and RBI. s can totally believe it.

What is the eligibility to avail loan from My Money app ?

To take a loan from My Money app, first of all you must be an Indian citizen and your age should be between 21 to 50 years, if you are not a citizen of India and your age is not between 21 to 50 then you have to take this and your civil score must be at least 600+ and your civil score should also be good, the loan applicant should also have any kind of income source.

What are the documents required to avail loan from My Money app ?

To take a loan from My Money app, first of all you have to have your Aadhar card and your PAN card is also very important and after that your passport size photo is also required so it is also very important.

How to take loan from My Money APP ?

To take a loan from My Money app, first you have to create your account. To create an account, first you have to download this application, after downloading, you have to install this application, then after installing you have to install My Money It is open, after that you have to register your mobile number through OTP by entering your mobile number, after registering the mobile number, you have to click on the next option, after clicking, you are asked to upload the KYC document. After uploading the documents, you have to click on the Next button, after doing KYC, you see the loan option here, in which you have to fill your loan amount, after which your loan application goes under review. There is a call from the company in which you have to verify whether you have applied for the loan or not. This loan amount is transferred to you You can use it with great ease.

How much loan is available with My Money app and how much interest is charged on it ?

If we will talk about how much loan we get from My Money app and for how many days then we would like to tell you that in this app you are given loan from 4000 to maximum 200000 rupees from this loan amount. You can do your work very comfortably and if we talk about how much interest you have to pay for taking loan in My Money app, then I would like to tell you that on taking loan from My Money app you will get 13% to 24% interest. Has to be paid on annual interest basis.


For example, friends, suppose you had taken a loan of ₹ 1000 from My Money app and the time of office of this loan was 91 days and you have been charged interest of ₹ 81, along with this you will also have to pay your processing fee and with this You have to deposit 1236 ₹ in it.


So friends, today you have to go through this post of ours in detail that how you can take loan using My Money app and what documents do you need to take loan and how much interest you have to pay after taking loan. And apart from the interest, you also have to know how much loan you can get in this, apart from this, you must have also learned to take a loan by reading this post of mine and you must have come to know that within how many days you will get this loan. If that loan has to be given back, then friends, if you have liked our post and you have learned to take loan from My Money app, then share this post as much as possible on your WhatsApp group, Telegram group, Facebook page, Instagram So that this and others can also benefit by reading our post, if you like our post, then friends always stay connected with our blogger page and keep showing your love like this, so let's meet friends in the next post till then Be happy and be healthy and fit in your life.

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