Howzat Se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2024 | Howzat Se Paise Withdrawal Kaise Kare 2024

Howzat Se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2024

So friends, how are you all, I hope you all are well and healthy, so friends, today we are going to talk about another fantasy cricket app, how you all can win crores of rupees sitting at home. You can get this opportunity by just joining some contacts, so if you also want to earn money along with doing a part time job sitting at home, then read this post from beginning to end because this post Inside I will tell you how you can make a lot of money through Hauser Up, so let's start this post and tell you what Hauser Up is and what you will find inside it. How much is the money by joining contact?

What is Howzat App

Howzat app is a fantasy sports game in which you can earn money online by joining cricket kabaddi football rummy and many more contacts, for this you people have to download it from play store and it gives you a lot of contacts to play. In which you can join the contact as per your wish and invest a lot of money as per your wish, that too in a few hours, in today's post I will tell you about how you should join the contest. And how can you download it on your mobile phone and what are the support related contacts you get to see inside it.

How To Download Howzat App

So friends, if you people also want to play fantasy game inside Houses Up and you people want to download it on your mobile phone, then you people have to know how to download it, it is very easy for you people to download it. What do you people have to do to download it? You people have to download your Play Store on your mobile phone, after that you have to open the Play Store, after opening you people like the search bar option inside it. If you type on and search by writing house set there then you people can easily see this application on your play store. Now you can see the install button there, you have to type on it like you When people type on the install button, it starts downloading on your mobile phone. As soon as it starts downloading on your mobile phone, you open it and sign up inside it, etc. By creating an account, you can play fantasy support game very easily.

How To Create Account In Howzat App

It is very easy to create an account in Howzat app. If you people also want to create your account inside it, then I am going to tell you step by step what tricks you have to do to create your account. So first of all you people should download it. All you have to do is get it easily on your Play Store. First of all, download it from there. After downloading, you have to install it on your mobile phone and open it. After opening, sign it in front of you. You get to see the option of 'Up', you guys have to enter your mobile number inside it. After entering the mobile number, an OTP comes on top of the mobile number that you have entered. You guys have to verify it. After verifying, now you What people get to see here is your language etc. Here you people have to select whatever country or state you are from, choose your language here as per your choice, after doing all this what you people get to see. Here the account is closed and ready and you people can login into it very easily and now you people can start earning money by playing the games of this host up.

How To Earn Money From Howzat App

So, if you people also want to earn money sitting at your home through Houser application, then what is the process that you people have to do? First of all, you have to download it on your mobile phone, after downloading it, you people fill your accounts etc. in it. You have to sign up. After doing all this, now you people get to see a lot of contacts here like Cricket, Kabaddi, Rami, Football and many more. Now you people get to see your contacts here. Accordingly, you can earn money by joining your contacts and apart from this, you can also earn money by referring people, like if you have a WhatsApp group or a Facebook group or you have some other website etc. You can share its link there and from there also you can earn money through referral. On every referral, you get a bonus of ₹ 50, which is immediately transferred to your account. You can also withdraw money from it, so in this way you can earn as much money as you want by joining and referring contacts through your Hauser application.

How To Join Contest In Howzat App

If you people also want to join the contest inside Howzat app but you people do not know how to join the contact inside it, then I would like to tell you that there is a contact inside it like you guys Suppose you want to join any contest related to cricket, then how do you guys have to create a team in it? You guys get to see 22 plates in it. Out of the 22 players, you guys have to select 11 players. According to you, you people have to choose 11 players as per your choice - wicketkeeper, batsman, all-rounder and bowler. In this way, if you people had completely chosen the cricket team at your place, then its After this, you are selected as captain and vice captain, which helps you a lot in earning money along with your team. The more your captain plays voice captain, the more points you will earn and you will earn more and more wings. If you can win money then you have to join the contact given below.

How To Withdraw From Howzat App

What do you people have to do to withdraw the winning money from Howzat app, that is, if you people also want to withdraw your money, then what do you people have to do to withdraw the money, first of all you people have to Inside you have to verify your bank account, within which you people are required to verify both your PAN card and Aadhar card, like your PAN card and Aadhar card are verified, after that you people have to enter a mobile number in it. It happens on which you people get OTP and you have to verify the OTP. After doing all this, now if you want to add your UPI inside it, then you can add UPI ID or you can add your bank account inside it. And after this, your limit will be set at ₹ 200, that is, you people cannot withdraw money less than ₹ 200. If you have ₹ 200, then you can withdraw only if you have ₹ 200 or more. Even if it is Rs 150, you will not be able to withdraw your money from it. To withdraw, it is necessary to have Rs 200. In this way, your money is transferred to your account within 24 hours. You can easily withdraw your money


So friends, in this post I have told you how you can easily get a chance to win crores of rupees in a short time sitting at your home by using the Howzat app. If you liked the post. So share this post as much as possible in your group and telegram so that after reading the post written by me, any other person can also earn money in part time job. See you in the next post. Till then good bye.


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