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Dream11 Se Paise Kaise kamaye 2024 Mein

So friends, how are you guys, I hope you all are well and you will be fine, so friends, today again your brother has brought another fantasy application for you, inside this I am going to tell you how you guys By joining small contacts, you can win lakhs and crores of rupees sitting at home in no time, so read this post from beginning to end and I am going to tell you about Zee application, that is the name of fantasy application. There is dream11, inside it you people can easily win a lot of money within a few seconds by playing cricket, football, hockey or by joining many other contacts. You can easily transfer money to your account in just a few seconds, so let's start and tell you how you people have to join the contact in it and how you people can win money inside dream11.

What Is Dream 11

So friends, you must have seen many ads of Dream11 on your TV and YouTube and you will also be seen promoting them by our Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and this is an official app which you can download from the Play Store of your mobile phone. Now let's talk about what it is and how you can earn money from it. Dream11 is a fantasy application in which you people join small contacts related to Czech cricket or football. And in which you people get some points, in exchange of those points, dream11 gives you money to whichever team plays well and you can very easily transfer the winning money to your account. So this is a very good fantasy application and you will also see our Mahendra Singh Dhoni doing its ads.

How To Download Dream 11

Now let's talk that before joining the contest inside dream11, if you guys want to download it, then what trick do you guys have to do to download it, so if you guys want to download it then you guys don't have to do anything, simply you People have to open the Play Store of their mobile phones and go to the Play Store and write dream11. Like, if you search for dream11 there, then you can easily find this application there on your Play Store. And you can very easily download it on your mobile phone. After downloading, it gets installed on your mobile phone automatically through your Play Store and after installing it, you can start using it from now on. You can open it on your mobile phone and enjoy it.

How To Create Account In Dream 11

What do you people have to do to create an account inside the Dream11 application? First of all, you people have to download it from your Play Store. After downloading, then you people have to open and install it on your mobile phone. As soon as you people Now you people have to open it on your mobile phone. After opening it, you people have to register any of your mobile numbers in it which is in your mobile phone or You people are doing it on the second mobile phone, after doing all this, like you people enter your mobile number and type it on the register, after typing it on the register, an OTP comes on your mobile number which you people have registered. What is the mobile number? Now you people have to verify it by entering the OTP there and in this way your account is created and ready in it. Apart from this, you people can also go to your profile section and add your email ID etc. You can also change your profile and name easily.

How To Play Dream 11

So friends, if you people also want to play dream11 then what you people have to do is to first download the app, after downloading it you have to install it on your mobile phone, after installing it you have to create your account etc. inside it. After doing all this, what do you people have to do now? You people get to see a lot of contacts in this application like cricket contest basketball and apart from this football and apart from this you people have small contacts like that etc. You can also join now, what do you people have to do first to play contact or dream11? First of all, you people have to add cash in it. After adding cash, you people have to withdraw it from your Paytm UPI or bank account. Cash has to be added inside and in this way, when your cash is added, you can play very easily by joining small contacts inside it and you can play as per your convenience by joining your contacts in it. You guys can play tea contact as small as check contact and you can easily earn money by playing check contact.

How To Earn Money From Dream 11

What will you have to do to earn money from Dream11? If you also want to earn money from Dream11 sitting at your home, then you will have to join any contact and play it, only then you can deposit money in it. For example, suppose you people want to play contact cricket and you do not know who to play, how to earn money, let me tell you, then first of all, like me, I will tell you as an example. I would like it to be like we join a cricket contact, now after joining this contest, we get a glimpse of the contest in front of us, you can join your contact as per your choice, now inside this you people have to choose your team. Inside, you people get to see 22 players. Out of those 22 players, you people have to choose 11 players. From within the vice players of both the teams, you people get to choose 11 players as per your wish. Now you people get to see one wicketkeeper, three In the best and apart from this, you people can choose all the all-rounder and bowler as per your wish, after doing all this, now what do you people have to do, inside this you have also chosen the captain and he is the captain, which helps you people to score points for your team. It helps you and also helps you to get a good rank in the contest you have joined. After doing all this, now after becoming Captain Voice Captain, you people have to complete your You have to join the contact, now your contact will continue till the match ends. When your match ends, it will be shown to you that how much money you have earned and how much not, so in this way you people You can earn a lot of money by playing dream11 in just a few minutes and hours.

How To Withdraw Money From Dream 11

Now let's talk that if you people have won money inside the dream11 application, then now you people know how to withdraw it, then what you people have to do to make a withdrawal or withdrawal, first of all you people have to enter your email ID inside it. Verification has to be done, after this you have to add your mobile number which is registered in your bank and a bank account or UPI. After doing all this, your UPI and bank account goes under review. In which it takes 10 to 15 minutes for the review to be done, as once your review is completed, an OTP comes on your mobile number, by entering which you have to verify again. After verification, you will see Your account is successfully verified and it shows something written like this and after that you can deposit your money and withdraw it easily.

How To Get Points In Dream 11

When you people join any contact, like you people joined the contact of cricket and you people are playing cricket contest here, then how will you people get points in it, then if your player is playing well. It is as if you have made a player the captain and if he hits a six on the first ball, then you get 8 points for hitting a six and if he hits a four in your plate, then you get 5 points for hitting a four. You guys get points in this way, the point system works here, if any of your players does not perform well here, then you can also lose points and apart from this, if your bowler performs well. If you take a wicket then you get 30 points and if that bowler of yours is the captain then you get short points. In this way your point system works and even if you catch a catch, you get points. The player gets 2 points and if your all-rounder performs well then he gets even more points, the more he helps your team and gives you winning moments, the captain and this captain only get it.


So friends, in this post I have told you how you can win a lot of money by creating your dream11 team and how you can withdraw your winning money. So if you still have any questions? If you have any doubt while playing inside dream11, then you guys can comment to me and I will tell you the solution to all the problems that how should you guys join which contest or any kind of contact while joining. If there is a problem, I will solve all those problems for you, so that was all in this post, see you in the next post, till then good bye.

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