GTA is a actually first-rate sport series with the resonance of many elements which includes precise gameplay, enticing storyline, and top-notch pictures. It is not too exaggerated to mention that GTA is the excellent recreation of the decade. Coming to GTA, you can revel in both desirable and darkish testimonies hidden deep inner America. It can be said that GTA apk located its first bricks in the first game parts, however the sport most effective clearly brought an impact and attraction in part 3. Then after the fulfillment in element 3, Rockstars retain to release a more fantastic recreation. That is GTA four. Up to now, it is able to be said that GTA 4 is the first-rate recreation within the whole GTA five mobile. And greater than that, GTA four apk is likewise rated as the pleasant sport of all time. Not simplest appealing in phrases of gameplay and portraits, however the sport additionally has an excellent storyline. This storyline makes GTA four not simply forestall at an enjoyable recreation, but it has reached a better degree of artwork.

About GTA 4

GTA 4 specially, and GTA in preferred, are all produced by using Rockstar. Rockstar Games is a long-status multinational video game developer and writer. Founded in December 1998, thus far, the business enterprise has been installed for more than two decades. And nowadays, it's miles established in New York City, and owned by Take-Two Interactive.

Along with GTA cellular, Rockstar has many other well-known series. For example, the game series Red Dead Redemption, the collection Midnight Club, and Max Payne, … In addition to the series, Rockstar also develops many video games including Beaterator, L.A. Noire, Bully, …

The Background and plot of the Game

GTA four is set in Liberty City and Alderney City. These are  fictional landmarks, modeled after two principal US cities, New York City and Jersey City. In the sport, you may comply with the protagonist Niko to America. Here, the individual will go through many activities, after which the dark sides of America will step by step be uncovered. Our protagonist comes to America with a dream that many have secretly dreamed of. It is an “American dream” – a dream of freedom, equality, happiness, and wealth. Then, whilst we visit the stop of the game, we ought to take a seat and replicate on the “American dream”, does it exist or not? Is it as red as we often dream of? Or is it just an phantasm, a thick curtain that conceals the corruption and grime of this society? Our protagonist is unlucky to be stuck up inside the darkest spiral of society. Then he desires to get out, however he can’t.

Records and Awards

As the first game in the series to be enormously rated for the seventh generation of consoles, GTA 4 has attracted the attention of gamers as soon because it turned into released. That is why GTA 4 apk without difficulty and speedy broke many records in the game industry. In just 24 hours of release, the game was sold out with three.6 million copies. This variety reached 6 million copies within the first week and earned Rockstar extra than 500 million dollars. As of December 2011, the sport has offered a total of twenty-two million copies and won an award for the game class of the year. By 2012, the number had sold up to 25 million copies. Therefore, the sport obtained wide reputation as the fine game of the present day era, and one of the nice games of all time.

Gameplay in GTA Four

In GTA 4, you'll in turn perform the obligations that the sport sets. In the given video games, the participant will supply options for the principle person. Also from these alternatives, the sport is divided into many different directions. The ending a part of the game is likewise changed at your discretion.

The picture design and sound of GTA 

In terms of photo design, GTA 4 could make any hardcore gamer satisfied. Not only has a sensible and specific landscape simulation however GTA 4 additionally portrays the individual very carefully. The most surprising factor in person design is the expressive part. They are made extremely practical and greatly make contributions to the manner to construct the sport plot. Therefore, the game’s visible art is evaluated as a high-give up 3-D lively movie. Make sure that, from the very first 2nd of the sport, you'll quickly be attracted to the pictures. As for the sound design, GTA 4 apk has confirmed it is its own “cool”. The sound a part of the GTA 4 apk is extraordinarily astonishing, different from GTA three down load whilst maximum of the characters are mute. GTA four has an funding in voice performing that stretches from start to complete, with strains as much as heaps.


Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a broadly well-known sport that all of us were gambling because our formative years. If you're a fan of this fantastic franchise, you may like gambling GTA 4 also, and that’s why nowadays we have given the present day up to date version of this amazing utility. The GTA 4 has set this splendid sport’s story in Liberty and Alderney city, which have their very own significance. The entire storyline is extraordinary, and there are extra movements in this version of the game for positive.

Usually, we see GTA enthusiasts now not able to download the modern-day variations of this GTA 4 Mobile APK perfectly because there aren't many authenticated resources from wherein you may get them. So right here we have made the ones matters greater accessible by way of sharing the state-of-the-art operating model of Grand Theft Auto IV APK that let you play the sport more fast. The creators have brought extra severe missions which want to be completed inside the given duration and instances. So if you are locating the current model of GTA boring, then head over to GTA four Game Download, and enjoy every little bit of it.  Rockstar Games, the creator of the GTA, has been making comparable kinds of games for the remaining two decades, so that you can consider how a great deal better they have gotten over the length. There are only a few creators within the gaming market who've been making the same franchise a hit for this type of long time.

Features OF GTA four APK ?

Here are the key capabilities of the GTA 4 sport that you would really like to apply when gambling it on mobile.

Beautiful Storyline

Looking at the principle protagonist of this sport, whose name is Nick, he may be the primary character of our story. As he travels in America, he'll discover the brutal part of the societies and fight off in opposition to the brutal enemies to complete the given responsibilities. The Entire theme of this recreation is based upon the typical American Dream mentality wherein the protagonist discovers the darker secrets of the criminals residing right here. 

Great Action

If you take a look at how GTA four has been made, then one issue is sure there is no stop to the action scenes. Since the beginning of this sport, you may be on the adventure of first rate action in which every venture will carry you a more difficult and bigger enemy within the the front. There are only a few video games with such lovely movement scenes one after any other, that's why I have loved gambling this game for this kind of long time. 

Impressive Sound

The history score of this recreation is on any other degree. If you have got by no means played this form of sport before to your cellular phone, get ready to enjoy a lovely background score whilst gambling the motion scenes. GTA four has managed to get an remarkable background rating that suits the extent of visuals creators have made it with. 

Impressive Visuals

The motion visuals of GTA 4 also are quite stunning. Since the start of this sport, you will comprehend how beautifully created it is and why it has emerge as so popular a few of the gamers. The visuals play an important role in any recreation, whether it’s GTA or other, but right here the emphasis located by means of the creators can without problems be visible via you even as gambling it on the telephone. 

How To Download GTA four APK For PC ?

Android Emulator is the most effective answer for this. You can take the assist of any android emulator which includes Bluestacks, it will assist you in GTA 4 APK down load for pc.

How to get unlimited money in GTA 4 ?

Money enables you survive longer in the sport. You may purchase whatever in the game with a limiteless money characteristic. GTA 4 MOD APK will help you to offer limitless cash.

Do I need an OBB file to put in GTA 4 ?

Yes, An OBB report is required to install this game.
Download GTA four Mobile – Grand Theft Auto IV for android
So those are the reasons why you have to installation GTA four to your phone and begin playing it regularly without thinking about other things. If you're bored with playing all the ones cliche and boring motion video games, try and get hold of the GTA four given that it'd make things more exciting. If you are having any troubles or some doubts, go away a remark. 

Game Story

Niko Bellic, a former soldier from Eastern Europe, boards the Platypus, a cargo deliver bound for Liberty City, on the lookout for a person who betrayed his unit in a battle ten years earlier and helped him escape his crook beyond. He discovers, upon reuniting with Roman his cousin, that his memories of riches were nothing greater than a smokescreen for the fact of his small, filthy condo, his unsuccessful taxi business, his gambling money owed, and his ongoing felony struggle with loan sharks.

As a result of assisting Roman, Niko is added to the metropolis’s criminal underworld. Yardies underboss Little Jacob becomes Niko’s pleasant buddy and he's forced to work for Roman’s Russian mortgage shark, Vlad Glebov, whom Niko eventually kills after discovering that he had slept with Roman’s female friend Mallorie. Russian mafia boss Mikhail Faustin and his lieutenant Dimitri Rascalov order the abduction of Niko and Roman as retaliation. Faustin employs Niko as a hitman, sooner or later ordering him to kill the son of Russian crime lord Kenny Petrovi, a venture that Faustin is indifferent to. Dimitri persuades Niko to kill Faustin whilst Petrovi threatens retaliation. It’s Ray Bulgarin, who accuses Niko of theft throughout a botched human trafficking activity years earlier, who then betrays and brings Niko to his former organisation. Firefight ensues, allowing Dimitri and Bulgarin to flee. Niko denies the allegation.

More about Story

Dimitri’s guys set fire to Niko and Roman’s condo and taxi agency, forcing them to flee to Bohan. Meanwhile, Dimitri kidnaps Roman in a failed try and lure Niko right into a trap. His girlfriend Michelle seems to be a government agent and lures Niko into operating for her business enterprise, the United Liberty Paper, later on. By killing several recognized or suspected terrorists, the organisation can clear Niko’s name and assist him tune down the traitor he’s been searching for. As a end result of receiving a massive sum of insurance money from his destroyed business, Roman is able to rebuild it and buy an condo in Algonquin. Niko’s fortunes additionally enhance. Romancing Mallorie, Roman proposes, and she accepts! Niko meets gangster Patrick McReary whilst working for the Irish Mob and assists him and his brothers in committing a bank heist. The Pegorino crime circle of relatives caporegime Ray Boccino later hires Niko to supervise a botched diamond deal. As a manner of announcing way to Niko, Boccino facilitates him song down former unit member Florian Cravic, now going via the call Bernie Crane, who claims he was not the traitor.

What’s Next within the GTA four Mobile Apk OBB

After killing Boccino, a police informant, Niko continues to paintings for the Mafia in Liberty City, earning the consider of Don Jimmy Pegorino. To ransom Don Giovanni Ancelotti’s daughter for the diamonds, Niko enables Patrick kidnap Don Giovanni’s daughter, but Bulgarin intercepts the exchange and the diamonds are lost. Darko is finally placed by means of the Paper, who then transports him to Liberty City, wherein Niko will make a choice regarding his destiny. Niko is summoned through Pegorino for one very last favour: to help Dimitri and Pegorino in an exceptionally lucrative heroin deal. Either Niko and Dimitri can come to an agreement, or Niko gets even. Dimitri betrays Niko yet again if he is going via with the deal and keeps the heroin for himself. An assassin sent through Dimitri accidentally kills Roman at Roman’s wedding ceremony reception. Niko, who's distraught, kills Dimitri, who in flip killed Pegorino, with the assist of Little Jacob. Niko vows to shield Roman’s child after Mallorie tells him she is pregnant. If Niko decides to get even, he can board the Platypus, locate Dimitri, and shoot him. By accident, Pegorino by chance kills Kate, the sister of Patrick’s ex-boyfriend Patrick, who had been dating Niko. Niko kills Pegorino with the assist of Little Jacob and Roman. When Roman exhibits that Mallorie is pregnant, he tells Niko that they’ve decided to call the child Kate if it’s a lady.

GTA 4 Apk Download

GTA four, the trendy instalment in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto collection, is a tremendously addictive and phenomenally famous game. Next to GTA 3 apk, GTA 4 has new characters, bosses, missions, and higher images than the previous version. In my spare time, I’ve enjoyed gambling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto III, two first rate video games. As of these days, Grand Theft Auto IV is to be had on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation three. (PS3). And it’s now coming to all gaming platforms inside the close to future.
Download File

A YouTuber and recreation developer, GKD Gaming Studio, created this model of Grand Theft Auto four. He merits plenty of credit score for creating the sort of remarkable Android recreation. If you’re seeking out an Android open-world recreation with better pics than another available on the market, this is the one for you. If you’re looking for the whole model of GTA four on Android, this is it. For loose, you may get the same enjoy as playing the original cellular model of the game. There isn't any need to fear approximately compatibility as it will work flawlessly on any Android model higher than 7.Zero.

Features of GTA four Apk No Verification

In spite of the fact that it's far a beta model, the game does include some missions. The remaining 5 missions are the most tough and adventurous of the game’s 10-15 missions. Keep a watch in this internet site for extra tough and dangerous missions in destiny updates of this game.
 As one of the most critical elements of this recreation, the visuals have been a major draw. In evaluation to its size, the snap shots are certainly beautiful. The roads and automobiles seem like actual, and the heritage and individual appear to be colourful.

However, despite the fact that this is a beta model created by GKD gaming studio, the game starts offevolved with a playable model of a character from Grand Theft Auto IV. The truth that you could play a test version of a sport and also have get right of entry to to almost all of the sport’s important capabilities is high-quality. The controls are easy and easy, and the Gamepad is a extremely good device for controlling both the person and the automobiles. The gamepad comes pre-configured with all of the necessary buttons, along with those for fighting, grabbing a car, leaping, and so forth.

GTA four Apk 90MB Android Gameplay

Open-global video games like Grand Theft Auto IV for cell are not anything new; you could pass anywhere, take absolutely everyone’s car, fight all people you need, and do plenty greater with weapons. Get guns from a shop and play pranks on the law enforcement officials so they bring their helicopter and tanks. Messing around is palms down the most exciting aspect you can do, everywhere. Hand to hand fights with random strangers on the road are each hilarious and extremely good.
This is a laptop-generated international in which you could live and act like a badass, similar to in all of the other GTA video games. Drive the cars and motorcycles as speedy as you may, entire the missions, after which take off on your own. As far as I’m aware, you could play this game with out the need for a community connection. As quickly as the apk is mounted, the obb may be downloaded and installation robotically.

How To Download GTA 4 Apk OBB For Android Without Verification

Take benefit of this hyperlink to download the GTA 4 Apk and OBB Zip File.
Because it’s a mediafire hyperlink, there’s no want to double-check it.
GTA 4 apk for Android may be downloaded and hooked up immediately.
Check to see if your Android smartphone has allowed set up from untrusted assets. Then you want to try this.Just open your Android device and look for Unknown assets at the seek bar, after which clearly permit it.


GTA four creates splendid features, and that they show the trophies and awards that the game wins are completely deserved. Download GTA four apk now to experience.
Take the time to go to the maxdroid to find out and down load your favorite games right now!

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