What Is Insurance | What Are The Benefits Of Insurance

What Are The Benefits Of Insurance

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you all are well and healthy, so friends, today we have come again with another new post in which we are going to tell you what is insurance and what are the benefits of insurance  To know all this, if you guys stay with this post of ours, then friends don't start with the post and tell you what is insurance and what are the benefits you can get by taking it.

What is Insurance

In today's lifestyle, you must have heard the name of insurance, life insurance or insurance etc. Because nowadays everyone sees these things very easily on Internet TV YouTube because most of the ads or advertisements come on all these platforms.  They are seen only related to insurance, in the day we are told what is insurance and whether it is available in its benefits.

What is the definition of insurance

Insurance in Hindi means insurance which is a safe area to deal with any loss or accident that may happen in the future, no person knows where tomorrow, when, at what time, what accident will happen to him.  It is very important to get insurance or insurance because in the time of any future accident or loss through slow, we can cover it very comfortably through that insurance.  I saves us from the loss due to any risk, when we take one of the insurance, then we have to pay the installment of its fixed money at a fixed time, here it also happens that many times it happens that the money has to be filled in full, which is  What is the details in the contract with the company, so whenever an accident happens with us in the future, our loss is compensated according to the contract made with the company

What are the types of insurance

 Insurance is seen in two types in our country, one for living and the other for non-living things.

 life insurance

 general insurance

 life insurance

You must have heard the name of LIC, because the oldest government insurance company was LIC and which used to insure under the schemes, apart from this, many companies are available in the market to get life insurance, but everyone is different.  There are insurance plans, what kind of life insurance do you need, under which plan you need all this, the agent automatically explains to you and according to the existing plans, he gives the stories of your life insurance even above the consent of your pocket.  Insurance is a kind of savings that a person takes, in case of his accident or death, the life insurance company gives some amount to the people of his family, so that the family is able to compensate for some loss, but before that the life insurance amount will be for a fixed time.  It has to be deposited in the company, how much premium he will get, it depends on the plan of life insurance.

General insurance

Under sandalwood insurance, the insurance done for the item taken by someone is called general insurance, such as home motor car motorcycle health insurance, fire theft etc. The wife is called general insurance, in which the full payment of the insurance plan should be done in one go.  Happens to see Happens for a period of time After it expires Insurance plan Korea Have to do it again Requires both life and general insurance to comprehensively cover aspects of your life

Insurance how

There are many ways to take insurance, so that it is very easy to get insurance from the agent of any insurance company and get insurance by going to the company itself or getting insurance online from any official website, but in today's time getting insurance is even easier.  It has happened because nowadays there are many such applications on your play store, through which you can easily get sick without any paperwork within a few minutes and no agent is required nor any paper work and you  They also ring with a broker and if you go to a bank company to get insurance, then it makes you go round the company and the bank for a long time, that is why in today's time people sit at home and get insurance from an application website.  in which they do not have to face any kind of trouble

What are the benefits of insurance 2023

In today's time, every person wants to do something for their coming generation, so they get their children or their family insured, which has many benefits to get insured.  At the same time, going forward in life, any kind of accident happens, then we get some result from the insurance company to compensate for the accident caused by that vehicle, by which we can very easily compensate the insurance company about that result.  We are able to do it and it also benefits our coming generation, due to which our children do not have to face much loss at the time of accident because they are compensated by the insurance taken by us, in today's era no one knows.  That's why at what time and where the accident happens, that's why we should always keep ourselves insured and there are other benefits of getting insurance which I have told you in this post.

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So friends like we have told you through this post that how you should apply for insurance and where you have to go to get insurance and what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking insurance.  And what are the types of insurance, after reading this post of mine, you must have understood everything, so I hope friends, after reading this post of mine, if you guys should take insurance, then this post should be read as much as possible.  Share on your whatsapp group and stagram and on facebook page so that the post shared by you goes well for any other person, then friends see you in the next post till then take care of yourself stay healthy and stay healthy Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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