How To Earn money From Youtube In 2023 | What Are The Ways To Earn Money From YouTube In 2023


How To Earn Money From Youtube In 2023

Hello friends, how are you guys, hope you guys are good, so friends, in today's time every person wants to earn a lot of money whether it is money online or that money by playing online games or playing any video games online.  Tax is to be earned and in such a time a person thinks that we have to earn a lot of money whether he can earn online or offline and in today's time every person wants that he has a lot of money and I always earn a lot of money.  Friends, today we are going to talk to you on such a topic, through which you can earn a lot of money very easily sitting at your home, then talk to friends on YouTube that you create your own channel on the YouTube platform of people and your channel goes on.  If so, you can earn millions and crores of rupees per month sitting at home, so friends today I am going to tell you how you can earn money from YouTube, so let's start with this post and tell you people.  What do you have to do to earn money from YouTube?

How To Make Channel On Youtube

If you guys also want to earn a lot of money by opening your YouTube channel like us, then I would like to tell you that to earn money from YouTube, first of all you people have to create a YouTube channel, for that you should first of all your people.  You have to download your YouTube channel inside the mobile phone, even after downloading, you have to open your YouTube channel, that is, you have to create a YouTube channel, before creating a YouTube channel, you people have to take care of some things that YouTube  While creating a channel, in which category do you want to keep your channel and related to which category you will put a video on your YouTube channel, in this way you create your name in it and enter the description in it, then only you will become your own channel.  And you people have to keep some unique name of your channel so that today whenever you people have any name in Sanskrit, the name of your YouTube channel immediately comes in the top, in this way you have to keep the name of your channel.  Apart from this, you also have to suck your category according to your own, you guys are playing home games.  If you have a category, then you people have to put only gaming videos or if you want to put videos related to the pack, then you people related to your category tax or you want to blog on your channel, then you people have to blog related videos on your channel.  In this way you people have to suck your category and in this way the YouTube channel that belongs to you people gets ready.

How Is Youtube Channel Monetized

If you people have just opened your new YouTube channel and you also want to monetize your channel, then what will you have to do, then first of all, you should make your own YouTube channel with any of your email id.  After creating a channel, you people have to upload a video on it, after you upload the video, you people have 1000 subscribers on your channel to monetize your channel and apart from this you people have to complete 4000 hours of watchtime.  It is only then that your YouTube channel can be monetized, apart from this, as soon as you people have to complete this time, then for that you people will have to put good content of your videos on YouTube, then only go to your video.  Rank will be there and this watch time will be completed for you people, in this way your channel will be monetized again and you will be able to easily earn money from your YouTube channel.

How To Do Youtube Channel Verification

As soon as the YouTube channel of you people gets monetized, then after that you also have to verify your channel and add a back account inside it, then I would like to tell you that when you people  If you want to verify the channel, then there is a demand for keeping three or four documents in front of you to verify your channel.  If you want to do that, you will have to use your PAN card or your driving license or your voter ID, only then the channel verification of your people will be complete and in this way you will get a mail.  Is that your channel verification has been completed.

How To Add Bank Account To Your Youtube Channel

Friends, as soon as you complete the verification of your channel and then if you people see the action button in it and after clicking on the action button in it, you people see the option to add your bank account.  Friends, I would like to tell you that how do you guys have to add your bank account in this? To add a bank account, first of all you need your account number, apart from this you have to add your SWIFT code and your SWIFT code in it.  IFSC code, apart from this account number is needed, all these things are easy for you, first of all, you people have to enter your name like you add your bank account, then first of all enter your name, after that you people  You have to go down in it, after going down, you have to put the name of your bank, whatever is the bank of your company, apart from this, you are asked to put the IFSC code in it, then you have to put the IFSC code in it, after entering the IFSC code, you  People have to put the swift code in it, what is it after entering the swift code, then you guys do your business.  Adding the account number, after doing all this, how do you guys click on the next button, then after some time you get the account added to whatever is there and you can easily transfer your money to your bank.  can get in the account

How To Earn Money From Youtube 2023

When you people have created your channel, then what is there after making it on the channel, you have to send your channel to monetization after completing your 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, after sending your channel in monetization  The one who lives under review, after some time after being in under review, if you people have any problem, then the YouTube team tells you that your channel has this problem, apart from this, if there is no problem then it will help you immediately.  Gives monetization, after that you people are verified etc. And apart from this, after the verification of your people is completed, whatever is there, you will give monetization to the people, after that all the videos of you people are added on them.  Whose money you start getting, whatever ads are run on your YouTube channel, 40% of it is kept by the YouTube team and gives 60% to you people, in this way you can earn money from YouTube and as soon as you people  If $100 is completed, then the YouTube team who is there will send your money to your people's account.  This is how you can earn more money from YouTube channel that too within 2023 and 22

How To Get Youtube Adsense Pin

So friends, as soon as the watch time of YouTube is completed to all of you people and you send your channel for monetization, then it goes under review for a few days, after which you will have to wait for people to complete the review.  After you people are given monetization and after that you are asked to verify your channel, like you people verify your channel, then you people have to verify your PAN card in it or you are driving.  Licenses can also do their verification, after this, as soon as the verification of your people is completed, then your PIN is sent to you people immediately, keep in mind that your AdSense, the PIN will come for at least 2 weeks.  It can take up to 4 weeks, in this way it would have been sent to you, until your AdSense pin of your people will not come to you, then your payment will not be given to you people, in this way your AdSense pin of your people will be given to you.  come close

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Hello friends, if you guys also want to earn a lot of money on your YouTube channel, then you people always have to keep one thing in mind that never put any wrong content on your YouTube channel because if you ever do any wrong thing on your channel.  If you put the content, then you people may immediately have copyright strike, community guidelines strike, due to which you may have to suffer a lot.  If hard work is wasted, then friends always keep in mind that never share any kind of wrong content with your YouTube channel, otherwise you may have to pay for this thing.

Conclusion :

So friends like I told you that how are you guys who are by creating your YouTube channel and completing the process, how can you earn your money from YouTube if you understand all this.  If you have gone, then you have to share this post of mine on your Facebook WhatsApp status as much as possible so that after reading the post shared by you, it is good for any other person, then friends will meet the leader in this post till then in the next post.  good bye for

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