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What is Express Loan App | How to take a personal loan with Express Loan App 2024

What are the documents required for personal loan in Express Loan App ?

To take a loan from Express Loan App, first of all you have to have some ID proof like your PAN card, Aadhar card, it is very important to have both these things and if we talk that address proof is also very important for this. Let us also tell you that it is very important for you to have electricity bill and gas connection bill for your address proof and it is also very important for you to have your bank details, these documents are definitely taken while giving your loan. If you will not have all these documents available, then this application refuses to give you the loan.

What is the qualification required to take a loan from Express Loan App ?

If you also want to apply for personal loan from Express Loan App, then it is important to keep some things in mind. If you are not a citizen of India, then you will not be given a loan, apart from this your civil should also be good and it is also very important to have a business of your own and apart from this you should be between 18 to 60 and apart from this you should be a You should be self employed only then you can get a personal loan otherwise you will not be given a loan through Express Loan App.

How to Apply for Personal Loan through Express Loan App ?

To apply for a personal loan from Express Loan App, first you have to download this application, after downloading you have to install this application in that mobile phone because it is an Android application, after installing you You have to open some applications, after opening you have to register in some, after registering, the option of My Loan comes in front of you, in which you have to go and apply for the loan, after that you are asked for some of your personal details. By which you have to put it in it and click on the Next button, after all this, you are asked for your KYC documents, in which you have to fill the things asked or the document, after which you have to click on the Next button. You are asked to suck your loan amount, as per your budget, you have to select your loan amount and then you have to apply the loan, after that your loan goes for approval. Transfer your loan amount to your account within 24 hours is furrowed.

What is the interest rate on Express Loan App ?

When you take a loan through an app, then some interest rate is definitely charged in it, in the same way when you take a personal loan through Express Loan App, then interest rate is also charged in it, the interest rate involved in it ranges from 11% to 27%. The interest rate of this loan depends on your civil score, as will your civil score, accordingly you will get the interest rate. I think your annual interest rate is 27%.

For how many days is the personal loan available with the Express Loan App ?

When we take a personal loan from a company or a bank, then it has a certain time period and we have to repay that personal loan in that fixed time period, similarly if we talk about our Express Loan App, then the loan received from it will be The time to repay is given from 91 days to 365 days, in such a time period when you can repay this personal loan of your tea.

What is the loan amount available from Express Loan App ?

I would like to tell you the amount of personal loan that I get in Express Loan App.

When was the Express Loan App launched ?

If we talk about when this app was launched on play store then I would like to tell that Express Loan app was launched in this year 2022 on 28 february, at present it has more than 50000 users on play store and play Its rating currently on the store is 3.2 plus.

How to contact the customer care of Express Loan App ?

To talk to the customer care of this app, the helpline number has not been issued yet, but an email id has definitely been started, through which you are given instant feedback on sending messages Jai email is as follows

As soon as you send anything by writing on this mail id, you are immediately sent feedback by the customer care of Express Loan App and you can easily communicate with the customer care.


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