What Is Magic Loan APP ? | How To Apply For Loan From Magic Loan APP 2022 ?


What is Magic Loan APP ? | How to apply for loan from Magic Loan APP ?

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you are doing very well and are healthy, friends, today we have come again with another new post and through this post we are going to tell you who is not about personal loan application. In the personal loan application whose name is Magic Loan APP, through this application you can easily apply for personal loan, so let us tell you what are the things you need to take loan from this app. So let's start.

What is Magic Loan APP ?

In today's time we need money to live a good life and to fulfill these needs we give personal loan from any bank or company because we are ashamed to ask money from any of our family members or relatives. That's why we go and take a personal loan, then today we are going to tell you about an application that allows you to pass which loans sitting at home, whose name is Magic Loan APP, through this app you can easily You can take a personal loan from this Magic Loan APP sitting at home, in this you can take a personal loan of up to Rs 100000 sitting at your home. To take a loan, you have to follow some steps which are as follows.

How to Download Magic Loan APP ?

Magic Loan APP is a mobile application and money can also be used in your mobile but before that you have to download this application by going to your play store, to download you have to search Magic Loan APP in your search outside After searching, this application comes in front of you, after downloading this application you have to install it in your mobile phone, after calling, you have to open this app after opening it. This app gets opened in front of you and thus this application gets downloaded in your mobile phone.

What are the documents required for loan in Magic Loan APP ?

Your documents required to take loan in Magic Loan APP

1. Aadhar Card

2. Your bank account statement

3. You also need to show your salary slip

4. How much is your monthly earning

5. Can use your 10th mark sheet and your birth certificate

What is the eligibility to take loan from Magic Loan APP ?

If friends, you also want to apply for a loan in Magic Loan APP, then first of all, you should be a citizen of India and the one who has come should be 18 years old, your partner should have a separate one for doing transaction with Magic Loan APP. You should have a back account and you should have a monthly table, if all these things match, then you will be given a loan easily.

How to Apply for Personal Loan with Magic Loan APP ?

To take a personal loan in Magic Loan APP, first of all you have to download this app from play store, after downloading you have to sign up by entering your mobile number in the application, after signing up written on your screen in front of you. Different types of don will appear, choose your preferred loan, then you have to apply by going to the loan of your choice, after applying, you are asked for some of your important documents, after loading these documents, you have to click Then you are asked for information related to your bank and you have to give your bank information which includes your bank statement etc. After that you have to upload your loan in Magic Loan APP, after loading your loan approval. It goes that after the loan is approved, you get a call from the stalker and after the information asked is confirmed, the amount of don is transferred to your account, just like you can easily get a personal loan in Magic Loan APP |

How much interest do I charge in Magic Loan APP? And for how long is it given ?

The loan repayment time given to you in Magic Loan APP is started from 120 days, if you also want to take a loan for 120 days, you will also get it and if you take a loan for 12 months or 1 year If you want, it will also be given to you easily, the interest rate charged in this app is 29.95%, we get to see it.

How much amount is given in Magic Loan APP ?

The amount of personal loan that is given to you in Magic Loan APP ranges from Rs 3000 to Rs 200000, if you want, you can take a personal loan from Rs 1000 to Rs 1 lakh in this.

How to Contact Customer Care in Magic Loan APP ?

To contact Magic Loan APP customer care, first you have to download the app and login to the account, after logging in the account, you have to open it, after opening you have to click on contact us on contact us After clicking kmaturniswi@gmail.com

You can contact from us, after sending mail on this, it sends us a mail in feedback, which is easily your contact with customer care.


So friends, I hope that after reading this post of mine, you must have easily understood that how to apply for personal loan from Magic Loan APP and what documents do you need to apply for loan and apply for loan. What are the qualifications required for this, if you have fully understood how to apply loan in Magic Loan APP by reading this post of mine, then share this post of mine as much as possible and share it on your Facebook page, WhatsApp group, Instagram Group, man, share as much as possible and have always been associated with our blogger page, let's meet in the next post till then take care of yourself.

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