Friends, if you are new to our blog, then you are most welcome friends from my side because we always bring a lot of useful information for you on our website so that you do not have any problem or problem, then friends today I will tell you the top FIVE DIAMOND APPLICATION WHERE YOU CAN GET A LOT OF DIAMOND HERE IN YOUR FREE FIRE FRIENDS, AFTER USING THEM ARE GOING TO BE DIAMOND IN YOUR FREE FIRE FRIENDS SO YOU HAVE TO READ IN THIS ARTICLE TILL THE TER Article I Will Give You I am going to give complete information here So friends, today I have brought very amazing information for you guys because friends, you guys must have played a lot of free fire game because friends, you have to buy items in it or diamond key to top up. It is needed so that you can buy items Diamond is very important for you in Free Fire friends to buy items For this, today's information of ours can prove to be very useful, which will tell you that give top 5 applications to get diamond or you also want to take diamond from which you want to take diamond, then definitely read my information because through diamond you You can buy DJ Alok All Characters and many more things here, friends, so now let's go to your Top Five Diamond Key application here.


You guys start your article here and tell you full information that how you have to take diamond from these top 5 application and how you can transfer them in your free fire also with diamond

1. First Application WINZO GOLD

So come friends also WINZO Gold application is a very amazing application by which we get ways to earn money and through those methods we can buy diamonds and brother in this application if you sign up brother Singham If you do, then you will get ₹ 50 right away and sadhna friends, if you refill someone in this and add your friend to it, then you can also get ₹ 500 in it, friends, in the same way, you brother in it all from Facebook. By logging in, you can take ₹ 10 in it, ₹ 10 you can take singer bonus for this and also friends, with this application you brother can do at least 400 to ₹ 500 ERAN daily from WINZO GOLD


In the same way, an application comes out from Google, Google Opinion Friends, the full name of this application is Google Opinion Rewards, which is the best application today and friends have launched this application from Google, then friends Google Open A report application is A very popular application nowadays, this application has been launched by Google. So friends, you have to go to your Google Play Store and install this application on your phone, after installing the application, friends, you will get Singh in it, after being Singh in it, friends, you get some opinion from Google. Servers are met, that is, you have to complete them and tell them which country is like, how do you get this game, how do you get information about the games, on which you click brother by answering them questions. With this application you can turn on a lot in Indian Rupees, after which you can buy your free fire diamonds from them.


So friends, our third application comes out, Gamezop is a game in application, with the help of which you can earn money by playing games and use those earned money to buy diamonds inside free fire game friends game that earn money This is a very good application for you, you will find two types of methods in which the first method is very easy, while the second is a bit hard, so first of all you will tell that to your friends. If you share the game application with your friend, then you will get ₹ 5, the game in which you can take all the money you have earned in your Paytm directory, you can withdraw friends through Paytm earned money. You can buy Google Play Redeem Code, friends, in this application you can take the radium code of Google Play Store, by purchasing that redeem code, you can buy Diamond in your free fire, friends, this application is very good once. You can also do a lot of ERAN with this application by trying it or playing games with your partner.


So let's go friends, now let's talk about our 4 applications, then friends, the application that comes out here comes BIG CASH friends, in BIGCASH, you first download this application inside your phone, after that open it After opening Karna, you can use Facebook to create an account inside it, you will get ₹ 10 while logging in, after that you will get ₹ 10 in the application even after calling your paytm number. Friends, after you are fully verified in this, friends, you will get 300 extra in this application, after doing all this, OTP will be sent to your mobile, simply by entering it, verify your number to you i.e. you have to verify the number in it. After that you will get 300 COINS more in this application and friends you can get a lot of diamonds from this application after ERAN money in your free fire.


So friends, the last application that comes out of ours, comes here the Royal Pass application, so first of all friends download the application which you have, after downloading you get SIGN in it, you brother from this application ₹ 5 You will get ₹ 5, after getting ₹ 5, I will tell you what else you will get from this application and how you can get diamonds

In the Royal Pass application, you can make the best way of earning, by sharing the application on your friend, what you have, friends, here you get ₹ 500 i.e. if you get a friend to download this application and download the application. If you do it in your phone and it gets SIGN in the application, after signing it, you will get a bonus of ₹ 500 on it as well as it will also get it, so friends, this was the best application of 2022 which you brother here Diamond provides that too after doing asanas with her own money


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