Hello friends, how are you, I hope you are all very well, friends and have come with a new post, today we will tell you what is beanomo app, how can you earn money from it, that too sitting at home beanmo app is an online earn money It's a very trending application, you must have seen its advertisement many times on any social media or youtube, seeing that you think what it is, then it is a trading app, friends, this is a fun mobile application in which you can invest a small amount and make a lot of money. Win a big amount, you can earn it, that too through trading, then friends, I will tell you how you can earn money from the Binomo app and what is the Binomo app, I will tell you the full details with today's new post, so let's friends this Let's start the post here

What is Binomo App HOW TO EARN

Binomo application is an online trading application in which you can earn a lot of money by investing a small amount, that too through trending, under this Binomo app is invested in international currency, in which a graph is given to the investor for trending in which the investor You have to tell the rate of currency YES or NO, if friends, you also use the Binomo app at the first time and you do not know how to run the Binomo app, that is, you do not know how to trade, then you can start or learn by first opening a demo account in it. from demo account


To earn money from the Binomo app, first of all, friends, you have to download the Binomo app from the play store. Once you reach the Binomo Dashboard where you see a continuous graph down and down. Trading in the Binomo app is based on the UP / DOWN system, so you have to understand the graph of the Binomo app up and down. It shows whether your Binomo graph is going to the minus point or to the plus point, so that you will easily know about this thing


First of all friends, to download the Binomo app, you have to open your Google Play Store and search there you have to search the Binomo app by typing there, then you will get the Binomo app in front of you, then you have to download it. It is like you download it, after that you have to install it, after installing you have to open the application.


Friends, we are going to tell you how you will create an account in the Binomo app, first of all you have to open the Binomo app, after it is opened, you get the option of email address and password, enter the email address and password according to you After doing both the things, you have to select your currency and sign up the account. A graph appears. How many types of accounts are there in Binomo trading app and how to earn money There are four types of accounts in Binomo app which are as follows and I am going to tell you them in full detail 1.(DEMO) DEMO ACCOUNT 2.(STANDARD) STANDARD ACCOUNT 3.(GOLDE) Gold Account 4. (VIP) VIP Account


So friends, as soon as you open the Binomo app and go to create an account, first of all you are provided with a demo account, this account Binomo gives its new user to practice, in the account you can trade without investing money and You can practice or learn trading, in this account you are given ₹ 65000 to learn, this account is given to those people who are trading for the first time, this is a very good account for them


Standard account is the second account of the Binomo app in which the trader has to deposit money to trade, in this account you can start trading with little money as you can start trading by depositing ₹ 350 in this There are many features that can be used for trading in this account, the trader is given five cents for trading in this account, the trader gets a profit of up to 85% percent in this account and in addition, the winning money of the trader will be transferred to his account within 72 hours. are delivered in


Gold account is your third account in Binomo app. Gold account is given to the trader after investing ₹ 30000, in this account the trader gets the benefit of many facilities, in this gold account you are given a profit of up to 90% and with Also, you can transfer your winning money to your bank account in 24 hours, in which 54 percent is given to the trader, in addition to this, cashback of 5% per week is also given to the golden account holders, this includes the facility of insurance. Which is helpful in reducing your loss

4. (VIP) VIP Account

The fourth account of the Binomo app is a VIP account, if you invest ₹ 65000 or more in the Binomo app, then the Binomo app gives you a VIP account, in this account you get a profit of up to 90% and in addition to this in the week Binomo The app also gives you a cashback of 10% percent, you can transfer the money won from this account to your bank account in 4 to 6 hours, in this account you have the facility of 61 cents Many other facilities are provided such as Personal Manager, Risk Free Trade, etc.

How to earn money by trading with Binomo APP

1. To earn money by trading in the Binomo app, first of all you have to select the asset and select the currency according to you. If you select the currency, you will get it in the same selected currency and Dau will also be able to invest in the selected currency.

2. After selecting the currency in the Binomo app, traders get the time option, on clicking on the time option, some options come here, for how long you want to trade, in the Binomo app you can from 1 minute to full 60 minutes can trade

3. Investment option appears on your right side in Binomo app, you can select and choose how much amount you want to invest, in this you can invest from ₹ 70 to ₹ 65000

4. After investing money in Binomo app, now you have to trade keeping your graph in mind Click on and if you think your graph is going to go down then you click on down how will you win if your clicked guess is correct and if your selected guess is wrong then you will lose money


So friends, you must have liked today's post very much and you must have known that how you can earn money online from the Binomo app, that too by investing very little money through trending, you can earn more and more money if you like our this If you like the post, then you should share more and more posts on your Instagram WhatsApp and stay connected with us on our blogger site because we keep bringing you the latest posts, then friends meet you in the post not related to EARNING. Like and share our blogger site for maximum

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