What Is Gamezy App 2024 ? | How To Earn Money By Playing Online Games With Gamezy App ?

What Is Gamezy App ? | How To Earn Money By Playing Online Games With Gamezy App 

Hello GUYS So how are you all, hope you all are well and healthy, so GUYS today again we have brought you another post in which we are going to tell you that you can earn money online by playing games from Gamezy App. How to earn money, first you have to make a team on Gamezy App, after that you have to join the contest and after participating in the contest, you have to perform well, then you can earn money from Gamezy App.

Gamezy App and how to win money from it

isBy creating your own team, you can earn a lot of money by joining the ongoing cricket contest in the Gamezy App and get a good rank, on this application you can play other games apart from cricket, from which you can earn money.

How to download Gamezy APP ? 2024

App, first of all you have to open your Play Store, after opening Play Store, you have to search Gamezy App in the search bar of Play Store. Gamezy App comes in front of you, then you have to install it by touching on it, after installing, you have to open the Gamezy App, after opening the Gamezy App, you have to create your account, after creating the account, then you are referred below You have to click on the code and apply by entering the given referral code, keep in mind that if you do not enter the referral code and sign up directly, then you will not get your bonus money.

How to make a team on Gamezy App ? 

make a team on Gamezy App, first of all you have to see which players of both the teams are playing well, including the players of both the teams, there are 22 players out of which you will get 11. Players have to be selected, keep in mind that you can select only 7 players of a team. After doing all this, then you have to choose your captain and voice captain, after that you have to click on create team, after clicking on create team, you reach the contest page and the contest that you like You can create your own team by joining.

What is the Point System of the Gamezy App 

Talking about the point system of Gamezy App, you get to see 6 level point system in it which includes Batting Point, Fielding Point, Bowling Point, Other Point, Strike Rate Point, Economy Rate Points are based on these points, your game runs and you know whether you are winning or losing in the game, if we talk about these points, then you get points in such a way as if you have taken 10. You get 5 points in the same way your point system keeps on increasing, in fielding points you get +8 points for catching and taking wickets you get +25 points, similarly you get other points, stock rate points and economy run rate Points get

How to win money by teaming up with Gamezy App ?

To win money in Gamezy App, first you have to make your team, after making a team, you have to select 11 players, after selecting you have to see which Players are performing well and you should play matches on them, after doing all this, you get the option of joining the contest, the bigger you join the contest, in the same way you will win money if you talk that you are winning money, you have been here. To find out how this is known, then you have to join contact. And all the points of your team keep coming in front of you, if your team reaches the number one rank, then you can earn crores of rupees instead of lakhs and can become a millionaire in a single day, thus you can easily join Contact in Gamezy App. can earn money from

When was Gamezy App launched

Gamezy App was launched in June 2018 by Game Craft Pvt Ltd, whose head quarter is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. This company has also launched other games before Gamezy App, the brand ambassador of this game. Talking about, Indian cricket player KL Rahul is currently using it more than one crore users and it has a rating of 4 point 5.

How to add money to Gamezy App? (How To Add Money By Gamezy App)

To add money in Gamezy App, first you have to close the Gamezy App, after that on the top you get the option of Add Case, on which you can click and add money to the wallet. You need BHIM UPI, Paytm, Google pe, to add money.

How To Withdraw Money From Gamezy App (How To Withdraw Money Gamezy App) To Withdraw Money From Gamezy App

First You Have To Verify KYC After Complete KYC Click On Your Profile Option And After That Click On Wallet Option Now Withdrawol Click on the option and withdraw as much money as you want, after that this money is transferred to your bank account Paytm in 24 hours.

What games can I play with the Gamezy App? (What games can I play with the Gamezy App) 


At present more than 15 games are available to play in Gamezy App which have many games like Fantasy Cricket, Football, Rummy, Casuals Games, Ludo Snake, Sheep Fight, etc. 

In which state of India Gamezy App is not played?(In which state of India Gamezy App is not played 

) I can not play the game because it is completely banned in the state and you will be responsible for any kind of legal process.


Friends, I tell you what is Gamezy App and how it works, you must have understood this thing and you must have learned to play as a team in fantasy game, if you like our idea, then our blogger page more Share more and stay connected with our blogger page for the best post.

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