Today we are going to talk about our Ludo game, which you must have played a lot in childhood and even today people are very fond of it, earlier this game was played only in cards but now this game is also played by online applications. So today we are going to tell you how you can earn a lot of money by playing online ludo game. To earn money, first of all you have to download money earning game in which one game is ludo so far only ludo game. was played for entertainment but today its popularity has increased so much that people are playing this game day and night to earn money, let us tell you about such an application in which you can earn a lot of money sitting at home. Four applications to earn money from Ludo games, about which I will tell you in this post, so let's start with another new post.

What is Ludo game? ( What is Iudo?)

Ludo game is an indoor game, which you can play in your home and if you are outside, then you can also do it outside. Ludo game is taken from our ancient custom game Pachisi, this is the game in different different countries. Called by different names ludo game requires at least 2 persons to play and maximum only 4 people can play in this game all four players have their different four pieces in which they have to play each other. You have to move ahead by cutting. Ludo game is played not only in India but also in other countries. In today's time there are many applications on social net where you can earn money very easily by playing Ludo game.

How to download money making app from Ludo? (How to Download Money Making app From ludo)

To earn money from ludo game, first you have to download the application containing ludo game, first you have to go to your play store to download, after going to play store, you have to type in the search bar and find the application that earns money from ludo. After installing, you have to select the contest you want to participate in the game, after selecting you join the game.

Which is the app to earn money by playing Ludo game? (Which is The App To Earn Money By Playing Ludo Game)

If we talk about which app is going to earn money by playing ludo game, then many applications come in it but today we are going to tell you about top 4 such applications in which you can earn a lot of money by playing ludo game. You can earn that too easily, so let us tell you in detail about these four applications.

1.winzo Games


3.Roz Dhan :Earn Wallet Cash

4.Ludo Lounge

NOTES; So friends, some apps are as follows, which I am going to tell you in which you can earn money by playing Ludo game, that too sitting at home online.

1.Winzo Games

Winjo game is a gaming application, you can easily earn money by playing more than 70 games, you can transfer the winning money very quickly to your paytm wallet or bank account also winjo games application has many game options. If you like to play ludo then in winjo app you can play ludo by clicking on ludo and how to win very easily


Talking about India's biggest gaming application, MPL is currently India's biggest gaming application, where many people are earning money by playing different types of games, MPL also has the option of Ludo game if you like Ludo. If you have interest in playing, then you can also easily earn a lot of money by playing Ludo in MPL. Talking about this application, one special thing is that if you get upset or bored by playing Ludo, then in this app you can get more money. You can also play other games in which you can earn thousands of crores of rupees by investing money, if you look at the total estimate, then MPL has become an all in one gaming application which is being used the most in India.

3.Roz Dhan :Earn Wallet Cash

If we talk about which is the third application to earn money from Ludo game, then the name of Roz Dhan :Earn Wallet Cash comes in it, then you get it very easily on play store by creating an account in Roz Dhan :Earn Wallet Cash. You can participate in the contest in which you can easily earn lakhs of crores of rupees by participating in the contest.

4.Ludo Lounge

Talking about the Ludo Lounge application, you can find the application very easily on the Play Store, in which you can easily earn money by playing Ludo. This app has got a 4.2 star rating on the play store, it is not at the time of lockdown, people have played Ludo King in their mobile phones and computers along with entertainment and earned a lot of money.

How to withdraw money from Ludo app?

If we talk about money withdrawal in Ludo app, then you can withdraw your money very easily or you can withdraw the amount in your bank account or UPI Paytm only after 5 minutes of withdrawal. are transferred

Responsible gaming and My Thought

Talking about Responsible in Ludo game, I would like to tell you that Ludo game should always be played for one's own entertainment and not to earn money and never get angry after losing the game, should not take any wrong step to play the game and Always avoid the addiction of this app, join the game only if you have good connectivity and participate in bonus or less money or free tournaments only.

Note: Many kings are involved in the above mentioned apps and their pain can also be felt, always play the game with your own finger and responsible. This application is only available for 18+ only for those states where there is permission to play the game. Illegal states I don't play it no bonfire

Suggestion for you

Friends, in all these game tournaments, you only have to pay the entry fee in the challenge, if you win the tournament then you get paytm cash which is real money, everyone can play ludo in all these apps at their own risk and earn a lot of money. can


So friends, I hope that you have liked this post of mine in which we have told how to earn money from ludo game and all of you brothers must have known how there are risks in ludo game and how to earn money. So I hope if you guys liked this post of mine, then share this post as much as possible on your Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram etc. And always stay connected with us to get more such posts Thanks

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